British Swimming is pleased to have Lumie as a partner. The company is actively involved in investigating the benefits of light therapy for both elite athletes and regular sports enthusiasts.

Lumie lightboxes can speed the recovery from jet lag symptoms, give a boost in motivation and energy, and stimulate wakefulness at key times to improve performance.

Following a questionnaire issued to athletes on the national swimming team who used a Lumie Bodyclock wake up light, results revealed:

  • 97% of athletes using a Lumie Bodyclock said they would recommend light therapy to others
  • 94%of athletes using a Lumie Bodyclock advised they will continue to use it
  • 72% of athletes using a Lumie Bodyclock said it had a positive effect on getting / waking up for training or competition
  • When asked if using a Lumie Bodyclock had a positive effect on getting / waking up for training or competition, 72% of British Team answered ‘quite a lot’, or ‘a huge difference and wouldn’t be without it’

Since 1991 Lumie has been researching and designing bright lights to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other conditions. Our first Bodyclock dawn simulator – an alarm that wakes you up with increasing levels of light – was the world’s first wake-up light. It brought light therapy into the mainstream.

Over the years Lumie has worked closely with the scientific community. All of our products – the broadest range in Europe – are based on published research and designed by us from our base in Cambridge.

Lumie is in the EuRhythDia consortium investigating circadian rhythms and type 2 diabetes, and is working with Liverpool John Moores University sports science department. We continue to find new applications for light therapy, such as treating acne.

Lumie products are medical devices, certified to the Medical Devices Directive (EC93/42) and supplied to the NHS. Distance and brightness levels (lux) are independently verified and Lumie is registered with the government’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

The benefits of light therapy reach far beyond SAD. Our lights help you to sleep well and get up in the morning, beat the afternoon slump, conquer jetlag and look after your skin.

They also optimise sports performance and we are proud to provide lights to some of Great Britain’s elite athletes as well as acting as official suppliers to British Swimming.

In the UK our products are available through as well as major retailers like John Lewis, Boots, amazon, Selfridges, Neal’s Yard and and we have an expanding network of distributors across Europe and in North America.

Special Offers
British Swimming members are eligible for a 20% discount on all new Lumie lights (it doesn’t apply in sale periods). To realise the discount, please call the Lumie Customer Care line Mon to Fri 0930 to 1730 on 01954 780500.