Ellie Robinson Para-Swimmer

  • DOB

  • Coach

    Jacquie Marshall
  • Club

    Northampton SC
  • Main event

  • Best result

    Paralympic Champion
  • Medals (INT/NAT)

    • 7
    • 5
    • 7
Ellie Robinson - 2018 Headshot

Ellie Robinson MBE became a Paralympic champion in her debut season on the international stage - and she has since won medals at World, European and Commonwealth level too. 

Robinson's 2019 season saw her in World Para Swimming Championships action in London, where she picked up a silver medal in the S6 50m Butterfly. She narrowly missed out on two further Worlds podium places, finishing fourth in the S6 50m Freestyle and S6 100m Freestyle finals.

Her 2018 campaign started well, as the Northampton Swimming Club athlete secured her first Commonwealth title in the S6/S7 50m Butterfly for Team England on Australia's Gold Coast. That was followed up with another gold in the same event at the British Para-Swimming International Meet in Sheffield, confirming her selection for the British team bound for Dublin and the European Para Swimming Championships later in the year.

At the Europeans, Robinson picked up a medal of each colour, with gold coming in her favoured S6 50m Butterfly event. Silver was accompanied by a British record in the S6 100m Freestyle, while there was also a bronze in the 50m Freestyle category. 

Robinson's domestic action at the 2017 British Para-Swimming International Meet saw her win gold  - in the MC 50m Butterfly - and S6 400m Freestyle silver, days after she had started her GCSE exams. 

Rio 2016 proved to be a memorable and highly successful first Paralympic Games for Robinson, as she claimed a gold medal in the S6 50m Butterfly and a bronze in the S6 100m Freestyle - as well as finishing fourth in the 50m and 400m Freestyle finals. 

That Games success came after she impressed at that year's British Para-Swimming International Meet and subsequently made her major debut for Britain at the European Championships in Funchal, going on to win a silver and three bronzes in her first international meet.

Robinson learned to swim when she was four years old and was talent-spotted back in July 2012. She was inspired by watching her now-teammate Ellie Simmonds at London 2012 and continued to progress at Northampton Swimming Club.

After a couple of years out due to a hip injury, Ellie returned to training in 2013 and started her recovery. 

Long Course
Event Year Time/Score Record
S6 50m Freestyle 2018 34.09 BR
S6 100m Freestyle 2016 1:13.46 BR
S6 400m Freestyle 2016 5:27.53
S6 50m Butterfly 2016 35.22 ER
SM6 200m Individual Medley 2017 3:13.07
Short Course
Event Year Time/Score Record
S6 50m Freestyle 2017 34.22
S6 100m Freestyle 2017 1:15.12
S6 400m Freestyle 2017 5:41.29
S6 50m Butterfly 2017 36.43
SM6 200m Individual Medley 2016 3:14.52
Paralympic Games
Event Year Time/Score Result
S6 50m Freestyle 2016 - Rio 35.24 4th
S6 100m Freestyle 2016 - Rio 1:14.43 Bronze
S6 400m Freestyle Rio - 2016 5:27.53 4th
S6 50m Butterfly 2016 - Rio 35.58 Gold
IPC World Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
S6 50m Butterfly 2019 - London 35.61 Silver
S6 50m Freestyle 2019 - London 33.94 4th
S6 100m Freestyle 2019 - London 1:14.14 4th
Commonwealth Games
Event Year Time/Score Result
S6/S7 50m Butterfly 2018 - Gold Coast 35.72 Gold
European Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
S6 50m Freestyle 2018 - Dublin 34.31 Bronze
S6 100m Freestyle 2018 - Dublin 1:13.46 Silver
S6 50m Butterfly 2018 - Dublin 35.37 Gold
S6 50m Freestyle 2016 - Funchal 35.48 Bronze
S6 100m Freestyle 2016 - Funchal 1:16.96 Bronze
S6 400m Freestyle 2016 - Funchal 5:43.77 Bronze
S6 50m Butterfly 2016 - Funchal 35.66 Silver
SM6 200m Individual Medley 2016 - Funchal 3:19.48 4th
British Para-Swimming International Meet
Event Year Time/Score Result
MC 50m Freestyle 2018 - Sheffield 34.16 25th
MC 100m Freestyle 2018 - Sheffield 1:14.57 6th
MC 50m Butterfly 2018 - Sheffield 35.93 Gold
MC 50m Freestyle 2017 - Sheffield 35.46 7th
MC 100m Freestyle 2017 - Sheffield 1:16.04 7th
S6 400m Freestyle 2017 - Sheffield 5:38.06 Silver
MC 50m Butterfly 2017 - Sheffield 36.38 Gold
MC 200m Individual Medley 2017 - Sheffield 3:13.07 9th
MC 50m Freestyle 2016 - Glasgow 35.63 Bronze
MC 100m Freestyle 2016 - Glasgow 1:17.93 5th
MC 400m Freestyle 2016 - Glasgow 5:48.72 Bronze
MC 50m Butterfly 2016 - Glasgow 36.34 Gold
MC 50m Freestyle 2015 - Glasgow 38.42 5th
MC 100m Freestyle 2015 - Glasgow 1:23.34 7th
MC 400m Freestyle 2015 - Glasgow 5:56.49 6th
MC 50m Butterfly 2015 - Glasgow 39.27 Silver
MC 200m Individual Medley 2015 - Glasgow 3:33.09 Gold