Event Organisers

In this section you will find a range of resources designed to aid you in either entering or running swimming competitions.

From a range of data files, programs and services to use on your computer through to medical guidance and minimum ages for competing, this section contains all the information you need to run a swimming competition.

Below are a range of resources including technical information, qualifying times software, information on the general conditions under which competitions need to be held and a list of measured swimming pools across Great Britain.

All Discipline Championship Conditions

The conditions under which competitions can be held are as follows:

  • ASA championships and competitions shall be competed for under the laws, rules, regulations and championship conditions of the association.
  • The promoter of each ASA championship or competition shall be the appropriate ASA Technical Committee.
  • The individual event conditions may not include any conditions which affect the event conditions of another discipline.

In addition, you must ensure that all individual event conditions include the date by which members must have joined the club and under whose name they are competing.

Minimum Competition Ages

For each category the age specified is the age of the swimmer at midnight on the day of the event or the final day of a series of events forming part of one competition, whichever is later.

"The age of a swimmer at midnight on 31 December in the year of competition is no longer used in the determination of a swimmer’s age with reference to the minimum ages of competition for any swimming competition."

A List of Measured Swimming Pools

To ensure any competition you hold meets the correct standards it will need to take place in a measured pool. Read on for more details.

Swimming pools can differ in length, even when they are labelled as 25m or 50m. To hold an event you need to ensure the pool you are using measures up.

Click here to download a list of all measured pools in England, Scotland and Wales.

Managing Open Water Competitions

Open water swimming events have been recorded with participants in excess of 10,000; this sort of event needs to be carefully planned and set up.

The document linked below includes all aspects to take in to consideration when organising an open water event.

The guidelines explain the roles required to run an event, preparation work involved, safety procedures, risk assessments and how to set your course.

It is designed to leave the organisers and officials feeling fully equipped and ready to launch their next event.

Click here to download to read how to Manage an Open Water Swimming Event

Equivalent Time Converter

Click here for the latest Equivalent Time Converter written by Sportsystems and click here to find out more about the Equivalent Time Algorithm.