Blagg and Gallantree finish sixth in Rio

7 Aug 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympic Diving programme kicked off with the women's 3m Synchro and saw Alicia Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree finish in sixth place overall. 

Blagg and Gallantree started the competition well with a total of  97.20 points after the required dives and lay in joint third position. 

A score of 64.80 in their third round saw the pair remain in their joint third place but they finished with a score of 66.03 for their Back 2.5 Somersaults. 

The pair finished in sixth place overall with a total of 292.83 points. 

After the final Gallantree said, “We’re a little bit disappointed to be honest. It didn’t quite come together for us and it’s frustrating to see we weren’t too far off the medals.

“It would have been achievable for us had we just performed a little bit better. But unfortunately, that’s sport and it just wasn’t our day.

“Wind is the most difficult condition to dive in and it wasn’t too windy. We had the hot tubs as well so we didn’t get cold.

“We didn’t know what the scores were during the competition. When we compete, we just tend to pay attention to what we’re doing and then see what result comes afterwards."

Gallantree returns to the boards later in the games for the Women's 3m Springboard event.