Licence applications and renewals

Swimming Official licences demonstrate your competence as an official and help British Swimming and the Home Countries to ensure the sport of swimming benefits from the highest possible standards. To learn how to apply for, or renew, your licence, read on.

Administered by Swim England, the Swimming Official Licensing scheme helps demonstrate that officials have undertaken education or training to ensure they are up to date with their knowledge.

Licences aid meet organisers in selecting officials and work to offer them a summary statement of qualifications and experience. But these are not the only benefits. Licences help to …

  • promote high standards
  • provide a framework for continuous improvement and Continuous Professional Development CPD)
  • provide a vehicle that can be used to implement change
  • commit the holder to uphold the appropriate Home Country Code of Ethics in swimming
  • be part of a regulated and developing career structure
  • enable the suspension or removal of the status

Applying for and renewing a licence

Anyone who qualified as swimming technical official prior to 2020 who wishes to apply for their first licence should email for further details.

To renew an existing licence select one of the options below:

  • Renewal of officials licence England - click here
  • Renewal of officials licence Scotland and Wales - click here

You will need to provide evidence as part of your application, including proof you have attended mandatory courses such as the Officials Awareness/ Contemporary Issues module and the current FINA Rules Update.

A Course Leader, Referee or other authorised official is needed to sign off each element. There are also elective options to complete on the form. You will need to use your log book to provide evidence where appropriate.

Code of Conduct and revoking a licence

British Swimming has produced an Officials code of conduct which describes what is expected of officials.

If a licence holder fails to meet the demands of holding a licence then the licence can be suspended or even revoked. To learn more about the procedures for suspending and revoking a licence click here - OFFICIALS LICENCE: Suspension and Revocation Procedures