Britain's divers finish World Cup with three medals

11 Jun 2018

British divers finished the 21st FINA Diving World Cup with a silver and two bronze medals.

Day One: The event kicked off with London's Noah Williams and Robin Birch finishing eighth in the Mixed 10m Synchro Platform. They scored 267.72 across their five dives, saving their best - a backwards 2 1/2 somersaults and 1 1/2 twists in a pike position, until the last round with 65.28.

On Day Two Chris Mears and Jack Laugher picked up Britain's first medal - a silver in the 3m synchro event.  The Olympic champions finished just eight points behind China’s Yuan Cao and Siyi Xie with 440.64 and 448.74 in a contest that saw the lead switch several times. 

Their best dive came in the fifth round – a forward 2 1/2 somersaults, 3 twists in pike position - scoring 91.26.

On Day Three, fellow Leeds diver Lois Toulson and London's Robin Birch competed in the women's 10m platform final following strong preliminary and semifinal performances. Toulson finished on 317.40 points in eighth place, with Birch on 305.50 in 10th. Toulson improved her scores in every round, starting with a forward-three-and-one-half somersaults in pike position, scoring 57.00 and building up to  68.80 with a Back 2½ Somersault 1½ Twists in the last round. 

Birch scored 67.20 in both her first and last dives - an armstand Back Double Somersault 1½ Twists and Back 2½ Somersault 1½ Twists.

Day Four saw Jack Laugher earn his second medal - a bronze in the 3m individual event. The 23 year old finished behind the Chinese pair Siyi Xie and Yuan Cao, who were competing in front of a home crowd in Wuhan. His best performance came in the fourth round – a forward 2 1/2 somersaults, 3 twists in pike position – which earned him 93.60 points.

Lois Toulson and Eden Cheng finished seventh in the synchronised women’s platform final, scoring 282.12 points across their five dives – their best score of 72.00 in the penultimate round – an inward 3 1/2 Somersault in tuck position. 

Day Five gave Matthew Dixon and Noah Wilson a sixth place finish in the men's platform synchro event with 384.81. The pair proved consistent as they had qualified for the final earlier in the day in sixth position on 376.35. Their competition was won by China's Aisen Chen and Hao Yang who finished an impressive 64.53 points ahead of the second place pairing Nikita Belevtsev and Nikita Shleiker from Russia on 427.20.

Britain's third medal came on Day Six when Grace Reid and Ross Haslam competed for the first time together and won a bronze in the synchro 3m mixed event. Their best dive came in the final round, scoring them 72.54 points for their  forward 3½ somersault in pike position,  finishing with a total of 302.64 points. Gold went to Han Wang and Zheng Li of China with 337.95 points, with Italy’s Elena Bertocchi and Maicol Verzotto taking silver with 303.90 points. Earlier in the day Reid competed in the women’s 3m individual event, alongside fellow Brit Kat Torrance. Reid, 22 finished in 14th place (273.00 points), with Torrance, 19, finishing in 18th (225.00 points).  

On Day Seven Plymouth's Matthew Dixon finished 9th in the 10m platform final.            

The 18-year old’s best dive came in the penultimate round where he scored 81.60 points for a well-executed Reverse 3½Somersaults,Tuck. He finished with a total points tally of 444.80.

Gold went to Olympic Champion Aisen Chen of China with 557.80, while his team-mate, Jian Yang, won silver with 537.40 points. Bronze was won by David Dinsmore of USA with 489.80.

World Cup performances will help shape the squad going into the Europeans in August. The squad will be announced later this week.