British Summer Champs Club of the Year

2 Sep 2019

2019 sees the continuation of the now well established Club of the Year Award (formerly Top Club) for clubs competing at the British Summer Championships.

This award emphasises the importance of our swimmers being able to produce their peak-performance at the main end of season competitions, when it most matters. It is designed to fundamentally recognise the clubs and coaches who are most successful in preparing their athletes to swim at their best at the British Summer Championships. 

So without further ado, we are pleased to announce that the British Summer Championships 2019 Club of the Year is City of Liverpool Swimming Club.

Club of the Year Award top five

1. City of Liverpool
2. City of Milton Keynes
3. Dulwich Dolphins
4. Stockport Metro
5. Nova Centurion

How the award is calculated...

The outcome is be based on the cumulative percentage that each club has managed to improve their athlete’s performances at the Championships compared to their entry times (recorded in the Qualification Window). The following conditions are applied:

• Teams must have a minimum of five eligible athletes competing at the Championships to be eligible for the award.

• Athlete performances in individual Olympic events only will be included

• Only times from the athlete’s fastest round at the Championships will be used (heat times can therefore take precedence over final times if necessary)

Prizes are awarded to the top three clubs, with the winning team receiving a significant funding contribution to a team training camp, worth in excess of £5,000. Second place received £500 worth of TYR kit and third place received £250 worth.