Peaty withdraws from British Swimming Championships

29 Mar 2023

Adam Peaty will not compete at next week’s British Swimming Championships as he focuses on his mental health. 

Adam is being fully supported by British Swimming - including coach Mel Marshall and the support team at the Loughborough Performance Centre - as he prioritises his wellbeing, following a near-decade-long stint at the summit of the sport and a 2022 season that saw him come back from a serious foot injury.

As part of aiding his recovery, Adam will not be participating at the British Swimming Championships in Sheffield.

The 28-year-old said: “As some people may know, I've struggled with my mental health over the last few years and I think it's important to be honest about it. I’m tired, I’m not myself and I’m not enjoying the sport as I have done for the last decade. 

“Some might recognise it as burnout; I just know that over the last few years I haven’t had the answers. With help, now I know how I can address the imbalance in my life. 

“Whilst I am continuing to train, I have decided to withdraw from the British Swimming Championships next month. This is with the sole purpose of delivering the best performance possible in Paris at the 2024 Olympic Games. 

“I'm hugely grateful for all the support I am receiving from my team and family at British Swimming along with my incredible sponsors, family and friends. As always, I thank the swimming community and beyond for the incredible support I’ve forever received. This sport has given me everything I am and I’m looking forward to finding the love I have for it again.”

Adam will continue to swim under the guidance of Mel Marshall as part of his recovery process and will be assisted in managing his competition schedule as appropriate.

Speaking about British Swimming's support for Adam, Performance Director Chris Spice said: "We are all fully behind Adam and his decision to withdraw from the British Championships. The wellbeing of our athletes remains the single most important focus for us as an organisation, and our dedicated team of practitioners are always there for any athlete who require or ask for that support.

"Adam has given so much to British Swimming and the sport as a whole over the past decade through unmatched levels of dedication, and we hope this time can be a valuable source of physical and mental replenishment for him. He is an incredible leader within our team and has set the bar so high with his unwavering commitment to excellence in all that he does. We are working closely with Adam and his team to support his recovery in every way possible.”