Peaty’s pointers for New Year fitness

4 Jan 2017

Olympic champion Adam Peaty gives us his top three tips for helping you to get fit and work towards a healthier lifestyle in 2017.

1. Maintain motivation – Ensuring you have the motivation to be active and eating sensibly is vital to building a healthier lifestyle in 2017. Getting enough sleep, allocating time for exercising and eating and having the support of others are all required for building the foundations of a strong, positive and motivated you.

2. Little goals – Don’t aim for perfection first time round. Set yourself small achievable goals to work towards, then you’ll have regular success and notice progression towards the ultimate goal. 

3. Eat healthy but sustainably – most of the work is done in the kitchen with 70% of fitness and well-being as a result of what you put in your body and not what you do with it. Eating a balanced range of foods will massively aid physical activity for getting fit but it must be sustainable to ensure that you can afford to maintain the menu.