British U19s invited to Croatia

24 Jan 2018

The British U19 men’s water polo team have been invited to train in Croatia with one of their top clubs.

VK Jug, based in Dubrovnik, will host 15 players from Britain for a five-day trip after a personal invitation by head coach Vjekoslav Kobescak.

The players selected for the trip between February 12 and 16 are:

Harrison Barker-Smith   

James Blything   

Connor Carpenter   

Tom Hunt

Matt Madden   

Tom Manley   

Bill Moores   

Michael Patterson   

John Pratt

Ben Ray   

Ben Riding   

James Spencer-Boyce   

Ben Stephenson               

Chris Sturtevant   

Isaac Wass

The camp will be used as a training experience in the team’s run up to LEN European Qualification Tournament in May.