British Championship 2021 – Update

15 May 2021

Given the challenges faced within the last 12 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, British Swimming wanted to provide the Water Polo community with some clarity regarding what events we will recognise as the official British Championships for 2021, as well as future direction for the event.

In addition we have provided clarity below on how we have made the decisions on entry for LEN European Club competitions in 2021, and how we intend to proceed for 2022, until the full British Championships resumes.  

2020/21 LEN Entries 

Due the cancellation of the British Championships in 2020, the Home Nation Leadership Group had to make a decision on which club teams British Swimming would enter into the Champions League and Euro Cup, organised by LEN. 

The decision was made that the most fair and transparent place to select the best club teams, in the absence of the British Championships, would be the British Water Polo League (BWPL). After consulting BWPL it was decided that the top 4 ranked teams from the Super 5s competition would be selected, as an interim solution. 

2021/22 LEN Entries 

As a result of the continued challenges faced by the pandemic, there are two British Championship Festivals that will be taking place in July 2021. For the avoidance of doubt see below the events that British Swimming will recognise as the official event that will contribute to LEN European Club Competitions for 2022 entry.  

  • Men’s British Championship Festival – 3rd/4th July 2021 – Organiser: Cheltenham Water Polo Club 
  • Women’s British Championship Festival – 10th/11th July 2021 – Organiser: Otter Water Polo Club 

We have made the decision that the final 4 teams that will be nominated for LEN European Club competition will be from the following three competitions:

  • British Championship Festivals (Outlined above) 
  • BWPL Champions Cup 
  • BWPL Super 5s

British Championships – 2022 onwards

The current contract arrangement for the delivery of British Championships has come to an end, therefore over the coming months, the Home Nation Leadership Group will work with British Swimming to identify the future arrangements for a British Championships.