Ben Cutmore Diver

  • DOB

    10 Mar 2003
  • Coach

    Jane Figueiredo
  • Club

    Dive London Aquatics Club
  • Main event

  • Best result

    European Champion
  • Medals (INT/NAT)

    • 3
    • 4
    • 3
Ben Cutmore Cutout

Ben Cutmore has enjoyed success on both an individual and team basis, since making his World-level debut at just sixteen.

Ben’s Commonwealth Games appearance saw him fourth-place in both the Mixed 3m Synchro and the Men’s 10m Synchro, whilst an appearance at the European Championships in Rome brought a remarkable Bronze in the Men’s Platform, along with an astonishing Gold in the Men’s Platform Synchro with Kyle Kothari.

At National-level, the 2022 British Diving Championships allowed Ben to finish fifth in the Men’s 10m Platform, following a third-place in 2020, and second in the Men’s 10m Synchro after first and second-place finishes in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

Ben’s debut at World-level came at just sixteen years old, earning a Silver medal in the Men’s 10m Synchro in Singapore, followed by a Synchro Gold in Canada, and a Bronze medal in the individual 10m Platform. 

European Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
Men's 10m Platform 2022 - Rome 438.35 Bronze
Men's 10m Synchro 2022 - Rome 390.48 Gold
Commonwealth Games
Event Year Time/Score Result
Mixed 3m Synchro 2022 - Birmingham 297.30 4th
Men's 10m Synchro 2022 - Birmingham 391.35 4th
British National Diving Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
Men's 10m Platform 2023 - Sheffield 479.35 Bronze
Men's 10m Platform 2022 - Sheffield 430.50 5th
Men's 10m Synchro 2022 - Sheffield 379.41 Silver
Men's 10m Platform 2020 - Plymouth 457.05 Bronze
Men's 10m Platform 2020 - Plymouth 353.91 Gold
Men's 10m Synchro 2019 - Edinburgh 384.63 Silver
Men's 3m Synchro 2018 - Plymouth 328.83 4th
British National Diving Cup
Event Year Time/Score Result
Men's 10m Platform 2023 - Edinburgh 413.20 5th
Men's 10m Synchro 2023 - Edinburgh 402.99 Gold
Men's 1m Springboard 2022 - Plymouth 321.65 6th
Men's 10m Platform 2022 - Plymouth 439.00 Silver
Men's 10m Synchro 2019 - Plymouth 363.03 Silver
Men's 10m Platform 2017 - Plymouth 338.20 5th