Yasmin Harper Diver

  • DOB

    28 Jul 2000
  • Coach

    Tom Owens
  • Club

    City of Sheffield Diving Club
  • Main event

  • Best result

    European Medallist
  • Medals (INT/NAT)

    • 5
    • 0
    • 2
Yasmin Harper Cutout

Yasmin Harper has increasingly enjoyed success as part of the British Diving team in recent years, particularly on home soil.

At the 2022 British Diving Championships, Yasmin earnt first place in the Women’s 1m Springboard, as well as in the 3m Springboard final with a score of 321.55, ahead of fellow Brit Grace Reid in second.

Later in a busy 2022 season, Yasmin competed in her maiden FINA World Championships in Budapest with twenty-fifth and fifteenth place finishes, but gained invaluable experience at the world-level. In addition, Yasmin earnt her first medal at European-level in the Women’s 3m Springboard, finishing third amongst a strong field.

The City of Sheffield Diving Club athlete was also able to secure top-ten finishes at the 2022 Commonwealth Games on home soil, with sixth and seventh-place finishes in individual events, and eighth-place in the mixed 3m synchronised.

Yasmin found great success at the 2020 British Diving Championships, winning the Women’s 1m Springboard event, building on fifth-place finishes in 2019 in both the 1m and 3m finals.

2016 saw Yasmin’s debut British Championships appearance, with fourth-place in the 3m Synchronised, before she was able to return the following year to claim first-place with Scarlett Mew Jensen of Dive London Aquatics club. 

World Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
Women's 1m Springboard 2022 - Budapest 241.50 15th
Women's 3m Springboard 2022 - Budapest 236.90 25th
European Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
Women's 1m Springboard 2022 - Rome 242.20 6th
Women's 3m Springboard 2022 - Rome 296.20 Bronze
Team Event 2021 - Budapest 383.40 4th
Mixed 3m Synchro 2021 - Budapest 279.45 5th
Commonwealth Games
Event Year Time/Score Result
Women's 1m Springboard 2022 - Birmingham 254.50 7th
Women's 3m Springboard 2022 - Birmingham 306.40 6th
Mixed 3m Synchro 2022 - Birmingham 268.59 8th
British National Diving Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
Women's 1m Springboard 2022 - Sheffield 272.00 Gold
Women's 3m Springboard 2022 - Sheffield 321.55 Gold
Women's 1m Springboard 2020 - Plymouth 254.10 Gold
Women's 3m Springboard 2020 - Plymouth 271.95 Gold
Women's 1m Springboard 2019 - Edinburgh 212.45 7th
Women's 3m Springboard 2019 - Edinburgh 260.85 5th
Women's 3m Synchro 2018 - Plymouth 233.82 Bronze
Women's 3m Synchro 2017 - Edinburgh 244.02 Gold
Women's 3m Synchro 2016 - Sheffield 215.67 4th
British National Diving Cup
Event Year Time/Score Result
Women's 1m Springboard 2022 - Plymouth 260.60 5th
Women's 3m Springboard 2022 - Plymouth 285.00 Bronze
Women's 3m Synchro 2022 - Plymouth 286.20 Silver
Women's 1m Springboard 2019 - Plymouth 239.55 Bronze
Women's 3m Springboard 2019 - Plymouth 243.80 6th
Women's 3m Synchro 2019 - Plymouth 243.78 Bronze