Jessica-Jane Applegate Para-Swimmer

  • DOB

  • Coach

    Alex Pinniger
  • Club

    City of Norwich
  • Main event

    S14 200m Free
  • Best result

    Paralympic Champion
  • Medals (INT/NAT)

    • 11
    • 17
    • 10
Jessica-Jane Applegate - Headshot 218

Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE impressed the para-swimming world with her gold medal performance at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and has since continued to be on the podium at all levels of international competition, including three more medals at her second Paralympics in Rio. 

Applegate's 2019 campaign saw her claim a quartet of medals at the World Para Swimming Championships on home soil, including gold as part of the Mixed S14 4x100m Freestyle Relay team. She also took silver in the S14 100m Butterfly and bronze in both the S14 100m Backstroke and S14 200m Freestyle events, as well as finishing fourth in the SM14 200m Individual Medley. 

After winning gold and silver medals in the MC 100m Butterfly and MC 200m Freestyle events respectively at the 2018 British Para-Swimming International Meet, Applegate secured her third call-up for a European Para Swimming Championships squad in Dublin.

They proved to be a fruitful Europeans for the City of Norwich athlete, who clinched her first European title in a world-record time in the S14 100m Butterfly. She also claimed three silver medals, helped the S14 4x100m Freestyle Relay team to gold and was part of two British clean sweeps of the European podium.

In 2016, Applegate made her second appearance at a Paralympic Games, in Rio, picking up silver medals in the SM14 200m Individual Medley and S14 200m Freestyle, plus a S14 100m Backstroke bronze. That followed on from a strong start to the year, which included three visits to the podium at the British Para-Swimming International Meet and three more medals at the European Championships. 

Applegate had her second outing at the World Para Swimming Championships in Glasgow in the summer of 2015, coming away with the title in the S14 100m Backstroke and a further two silver medals in the S14 200m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley events. The year also saw her break the world record in the S14 100m Butterfly.

The versatile para-swimmer's 2014 season saw her make her European Championship debut in Eindhoven, adding three medals to her swiftly-growing collection with S14 200m Freestyle silver and bronzes over the S14 100m Backstroke and SM14 200m Individual Medley events. 

The rapid progress made in her early career continued into 2013, and she went on to represent Britain again in Montreal’s World Championships, winning gold in the 200m Freestyle. Applegate also won silver in the 200m Individual Medley, and bronze in the 100m Freestyle. 

Her first international outing representing Britain came in 2012 - and it was a memorable moment. Debuting at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Applegate qualified for both S14 100m Backstroke and S14 200m Freestyle finals. She won gold in the latter, becoming the first British S14 swimmer to stand at the top of the Paralympic podium at London 2012. She was appointed an MBE in the 2013 New Year Honours list for services to swimming following the Games. 

Applegate set one of the fastest times in the world over 50m and the 200m Freestyle at the 2011 Wales Winter Open, solidifying her potential as a world-class international para-swimmer in the S14 classification ahead of London 2012. 

That followed on from her first first real taste of success at the 2011 British International Disability Championships, where she found herself gracing the international podium at just 15 years old. She received a bronze medal in the MC 50m Freestyle event and, since then, has rarely left a major meet without a medal. 

Long Course
Event Year Time/Score Record
S14 50m Freestyle 2017 27.21
S14 100m Freestyle 2017 58.82
S14 200m Freestyle 2015 2:05.61
S14 400m Freestyle 2017 4:27.08 WR
S14 800m Freestyle 2017 9:15.69 WR
S14 50m Backstroke 2017 32.52
S14 100m Backstroke 2015 1:06.75
S14 200m Backstroke 2017 2:26.33
SB14 50m Breaststroke 2016 39.83
SB14 100m Breaststroke 2016 1:24.32
S14 50m Butterfly 2017 29.31
S14 100m Butterfly 2017 1:04.13 BR
S14 200m Butterfly 2014 2:45.14
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2017 2:25.01
SM14 400m Individual Medley 2017 5:13.91 WR
Mixed S14 4x100m Freestyle Relay 2019 3:42.21 WR
Short Course
Event Year Time/Score Record
S14 50m Freestyle 2016 26.92
S14 100m Freestyle 2017 57.86 WR
S14 200m Freestyle 2017 2:03.71 WR
S14 400m Freestyle 2016 4:26.08 BR
S14 800m Freestyle 2015 9:09.20 BR
S14 1500m Freestyle 2015 18:05.25
S14 50m Backstroke 2015 31.92
S14 100m Backstroke 2015 1:06.58
S14 200m Backstroke 2016 2:23.70
S14 50m Butterfly 2015 29.61 BR
S14 100m Butterfly 2017 1:05.02 BR
S14 200m Butterfly 2017 2:38.89
SB14 50m Breaststroke 2016 38.03
SB14 100m Breaststroke 2017 1:21.91
SM14 100m Individual Medley 2016 1:09.97 BR
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2017 2:26.29
SM14 400m Individual Medley 2014 5:20.29
Paralympic Games
Event Year Time/Score Result
S14 200m Freestyle Rio - 2016 2:06.92 Silver
S14 100m Backstroke 2016 - Rio 1:08.67 Bronze
SB14 100m Breaststroke 2016 - Rio 1:26.56 9th
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2016 - Rio 2:27.58 Silver
S14 200m Freestyle 2012 - London 2:12.63 Gold
S14 100m Backstroke 2012 - London 1:09.58 4th
IPC World Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
S14 100m Butterfly 2019 - London 1:04.26 Silver
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2019 - London 2:26.91 4th
Mixed S14 4x100m Freestyle Relay 2019 - London 3:42.21 Gold
S14 100m Backstroke 2019 - London 1;08.83 Bronze
S14 200m Freestyle 2019 - London 2:06.27 Bronze
S14 200m Freestyle 2015 - Glasgow 2:06.98 Silver
S14 100m Backstroke 2015 - Glasgow 1:06.75 Gold
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2015 - Glasgow 2:25.78 Silver
S14 200m Freestyle 2013 - Montreal 2:09.88 Gold
S14 100m Backstroke 2013 - Montreal 1:08.90 Bronze
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2013 - Montreal 2:32.54 Silver
IPC European Championships
Event Year Time/Score Result
S14 200m Freestyle 2018 - Dublin 2:07.29 Silver
S14 100m Backstroke 2018 - Dublin 1:07.38 Silver
S14 100m Butterfly 2018 - Dublin 1:04.13 Gold
SM14 200m Individual Medley 2018 - Dublin 2:25.01 Silver
S14 4x100m Freestyle Relay 2018 - Dublin 3:46.25 Gold
S14 200m Freestyle 2016 - Funchal 2:06.29 Silver
S14 100m Backstroke 2016 - Funchal 1:07.03 Silver
S14 100m Breaststroke 2016 - Funchal 1:24.32 5th
S14 200m Individual Medley 2016 - Funchal 2:26.49 Bronze
S14 200m Freestyle 2014 - Eindhoven 2:08.36 Silver
S14 100m Backstroke 2014 - Eindhoven 1:08.57 Bronze
SM14 Individual Medley 2014 - Eindhoven 2:30.43 Bronze
British Para-Swimming International Meet
Event Year Time/Score Result
MC 200m Freestyle 2018 - Sheffield 2:06.56 Silver
MC 100m Breaststroke 2018 - Sheffield 1:27.30 28th
MC 100m Butterfly 2018 - Sheffield 1:04.80 Gold
MC 200m Freestyle 2017 - Sheffield 2:07.97 Silver
MC 100m Breaststroke 2017 - Sheffield 1:24.80 14th
MC 100m Butterfly 2017 - Sheffield 1:06.69 8th
MC 200m Individual Medley 2017 - Sheffield 2:26.70 8th
MC 200m Freestyle 2016 - Glasgow 2:05.63 Silver
MC 100m Backstroke 2016 - Glasgow 1:07.79 Bronze
MC 200m Individual Medley 2016 - Glasgow 2:30.52 Bronze
MC 200m Freestyle 2015 - Glasgow 2:07.33 Gold
MC 100m Backstroke 2015 - Glasgow 1:08.51 5th
MC 200m Individual Medley 2015 - Glasgow 2:27.37 Bronze
MC 200m Freestyle 2014 - Glasgow 2:11.90 Silver
MC 200m Individual Medley 2014 - Glasgow 2:33.39 Silver
MC 200m Freestyle 2013 - Sheffield 2:12.21 Gold
MC 100m Backstroke 2013 - Sheffield 1:09.61 5th
MC 100m Breaststroke 2013 - Sheffield 1:39.58 34th
MC 50m Freestyle 2012 - Sheffield 28.61 Silver
MC 100m Freestyle 2012 - Sheffield 1:02.58 Silver
MC 200m Freestyle 2012 - Sheffield 2:15.23 Gold