Licence your meet with World Para Swimming

To licence an event with World Para-Swimming you need to apply through British Swimming and they apply on your behalf. 

The process then authorises the application by British Swimming. Getting a competition approved costs 85euros and needs to be completed at least 42 days before the competition. Once approval has been granted it will allow any athlete with a World Para Swimming licence to achieve a European or World record. Only athletes with a World Para Swimming licence can achieve and European or World records.

Click here to download the application form. Please return completed application form to

Once the application has been submitted to World Para Swimming by British Swimming, a copy of the approved application along with the invoice to pay will be sent to the organiser for them to check and pay the invoice directly to World Para Swimming.

All application forms must be completed along with a copy of the entry pack and returned to at least 50 days prior to the event to licence to fit with the World Para Swimming’s 42 day deadline.

Within 15 days of the event finishing results have to be sent to both as official results (e.g. pdf) and in the tabular format that can be exported from the meet management software. You can use the following template for this purpose: or send from your own meet management software.