View the start lists and results for both the heats and finals sessions for day one of the British Summer Championships 2018.

Start lists will be available following the completion of the Team Leader meeting (27/7/18).


Printable Start Lists

Printable Results

Men's Open 400m Freestyle Start - Heats

Women's MC 200m Freestyle Start - Heats

Men's MC 200m Freestyle Start - Heats

Women's Open 200m Freestyle Start - Heats

Men's Open 100m Breaststroke Start - Heats

Women's MC 400m Freestyle Start - Heats

Men's MC 400m Freestyle Start - Heats

Women's Open 400m IM Start - Heats

Men's Open 50m Backstroke Start - Heats

Women's Open 50m Breaststroke Start - Heats


Printable Start Lists

Printable Results

Men's 13/14 Yrs 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's 15 Yrs 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's 16 Yrs 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's 17/18 Yrs 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's 19 Yrs/Over 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's 13/14 Yrs 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's 15 Yrs 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's 16 Yrs 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's 17/18 Yrs 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's 19 Yrs/Over 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's MC 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's MC 200m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's 13/14 Yrs 100m Breaststroke Start - Final

Men's 15 Yrs 100m Breaststroke Start - Final

Men's 16 Yrs 100m Breaststroke Start - Final

Men's 17/18 Yrs 100m Breaststroke Start - Final

Men's 19 Yrs/Over 100m Breaststroke Start - Final

Women's 13/14 Yrs 400m IM Start - Final

Women's 15 Yrs 400m IM Start - Final

Women's 16 Yrs 400m IM Start - Final

Women's 17/18 Yrs 400m IM Start - Final

Women's 19 Yrs/Over 400m IM Start - Final

Men's MC 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Women's MC 400m Freestyle Start - Final

Men's 13/14 Yrs 50m Backstroke Start - Final

Men's 15 Yrs 50m Backstroke Start - Final

Men's 16 Yrs 50m Backstroke Start - Final

Men's 17/18 Yrs 50m Backstroke Start - Final

Men's 19 Yrs/Over 50m Backstroke Start - Final

Women's 13/14 Yrs 50m Breaststroke Start - Final

Women's 15 Yrs 50m Breaststroke Start - Final

Women's 16 Yrs 50m Breaststroke Start - Final

Women's 17/18 Yrs 50m Breaststroke Start - Final

Women's 19 Yrs/Over 50m Breaststroke Start - Final