Brown eyes Diving Cup as marker for consistency

31 Jan 2023

Striving for consistency, setting personal goals and competing with friends! The first diving event of the year kicks off this week with the British National Diving Cup in Edinburgh, and we sat down with emerging Diver Tilly Brown as she looks ahead to an exciting 2023...

The Southampton Diver enjoyed medal success at both European, and World Junior-level in 2022, and is certainly aiming for more consistency this year as she begins to cement her place amongst senior competition. Check out what Tilly had to say ahead of #BNDC2023

2022 saw you earn medals at both European and World Junior level, how do you look back on your performances last year and how would you sum up your progress?

"Overall, I'd say I had a good 2022. It was good to finish on a high - coming third at Junior Worlds, but there were definitely ups and downs. I certainly started rockier, but it was good to finish strongly and also come away with [an individual] fourth at European Juniors. So yeah, definitely not smooth sailing but as I said, good to finish on a high!"

What has it been like making the transition into more senior competition in recent years?

"I find the senior domestic competitions the most daunting of the year. Obviously I'm one of the younger ones so going up against the seniors can be quite scary, but because I've been doing it for about 4 or 5 years now I do feel like I'm getting better at it each year and feel less 'out of place', but it is certainly nerve-wracking."

Is there any athlete you've looked up to that has helped you make the transition?

"I find all the GB girls such as Yasmin [Harper], Scarlett [Mew Jensen] and Grace [Reid] are all quite good to watch, at competitions I always keep an eye on what they do in between dives to get an idea of what I should be doing. So I'd say all of the girls really are beneficial to look up to."

Tilly Brown, British Diving Championships 2022
The Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, host of #BNDC2023

Looking ahead to the British National Diving Cup, what are your aims for the event?

"I think my number one aim is to just be consistent throughout and not have any dramas! Historically this event has been rocky for me with injuries, but this year I'm just looking to be consistent and carry that into further tournaments."

Do you find it helps in your preparation by setting yourself goals for events?

"Yes and no. I do like to set myself quite vague goals but nothing too specific, I find if I get too specific I start thinking about other people - if I was to say "oh I want to finish here in the prelims" then you have to focus on what others are doing points-wise. So I definitely prefer to set personal goals like scoring between 50 and 60 on each dive, but I don't like to set any outcome goals because you just never know what others are doing!"

What events will you be competing in?

"I'll be doing the Women's 3m Springboard, and Women's 3m Synchro with Evie Smith."

How might this event contribute to your development in 2023?

"I think this event is more of an opportunity to get my dives off in a competition setting, because I have to do all five of my dives, whereas in junior competition it's only four. It's a good chance to go straight into my optional dives, and good competition practice for when I make the full senior transition."

Last year, you earnt your European Junior medal alongside Evie Smith and will be competing with her in Edinburgh, how might your preparation change for a synchro event when based at different training bases?

"Yeah it can be difficult as she's in London and I'm in Southampton but we make it work. Since the New Year we've trained together twice, and it never feels like an effort to travel because we really get along, so it's just like meeting up with a friend! So yeah, we just try to make it work by visiting each other's pool and doing the best we can!"

Keep an eye on British Swimming social channels for news surrounding #BNDC2023 and a round-up of results, as well as more detailed results here at the start of the event.