Getting to know: Dan Goodfellow

28 Aug 2018

This year has seen Dan Goodfellow competing in a Commonwealth Games, European Championships and a World Cup, taking on a new challenge in the 3m springboard event.

Here we get to know the Rio bronze medalist a bit better:

Hometown: Cambridge.

Biggest achievement: Bronze medal Rio Olympics.

Do you have any superstitions before competing? Not really just always listen to some music.

Biggest joker in diving? Freddie Woodward.

How do you cope with long flights? I don’t, I find flying terrible.

Who is your most famous follower on social media? Probably one of my teammates.

Worst injury (in or out of sport): A shoulder injury.

Who has the worst taste in clothes on the team? Matty Lee.

Most trustworthy team mate? Jack Haslam.

Favourite place you have competed? Barcelona.

What do you want to do after diving? Haven’t thought about it yet.

Tell us a secret about a team mate: Jack Haslam likes wearing fancy dress in his spare time.