Getting to know Jack Haslam

9 May 2018

Diver Jack Haslam will compete in the FINA Grand Prix in Calgary this weekend. 

So we have pulled together some fun facts to help you to get to know the older of the Haslam brothers a little better.

Hometown: Sheffield

Favourite competition location:  Gwangju South Korea

Best mates in the team: Freddie Woodward and my brother Ross

How do you spend your downtime? With mates, watching TV and films and playing FIFA

Sweet of savoury? Savoury

Do you speak any other languages? Unfortunately not

Favourite singer/ artist? At the moment Mae Mille but it changes all the time. I like a lot of different music

Tell us a secret about a team mate: Dan Goodfellow is colour blind

What is your party trick? Probably the standard for a diver… a back flip

Dream holiday location? LA or Miami

What would you be doing if you weren’t a diver? Maybe would have stuck playing football a bit longer. Or maybe tried my hand at being an actor. Or something to do with my degree – I’m really not sure!