Kearney and Hext chosen for UK Sport's Powered by Purpose

29 Sep 2022

Paralympic champion Tully Kearney and world medallist Suzanna Hext have been chosen by UK Sport to take part in their new Powered by Purpose programme.

Tully and Suzanna will take part in the six-month long initiative which offers athletes with a keen interest in using the platform of sport the chance to create the greatest decade of extraordinary sporting moments to unite the nation.

The pilot will see athletes take part in a series of tailored, highly personal, live online workshops while being individually supported in their progress, which will lead them to explore the power of sport and become agents for social change.  

The scheme is led by The True Athlete Project, a charity that works with athletes, coaches and leaders to harness the transformative power of sport as a force for good in the world. Over the last six years, they have developed innovative programmes that blend mindfulness, mental skills training and mentoring to unleash the power of sport, engaging participants across the world.  

The Powered by Purpose programme is designed to empower athletes to make a difference, be that locally in their communities or nationally, for a cause that is authentic and genuine to them.  It consists of 20 athletes from a diverse range of Olympic and Paralympic sports, backgrounds, and different levels of previous experience in delivering social impact.   

With the focus turning towards the 2023 World Para-Swimming Championships in Manchester and then to the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, the programme will work alongside Tully and Suzanna's training commitments to help them in the pool as well as out of it.

Speaking on the announcement, Kearney - who picked up three gold medals at June's World Para Swimming Championships in Madeira - was overjoyed with the opportunity.

“I am delighted to have been accepted onto the UK Sport Powered by Purpose Programme pilot. I am committed to using my platform as a Paralympic athlete to make a difference to society and my local community," she said.

“It will be great to learn more from the workshops on how to be more effective in my current roles, and in the future supporting other causes which are important to me.” 

Tokyo Paralympian Hext also showed a keen interest in the programme, as she was excited to get started.

"Athletes need to be advocates and a voice for sport and the impact that sport can have on society. I'm keen to learn how I can use my platform and my journey to help others."

Tully Kearney UK Sport Powered By Purpose graphic
Suzanna Hext UK Sport Powered By Purpose programme