Swim more, Stress less

5 Nov 2018

The modern day can be a stressful place, research has now linked swimming with reducing stress, tension and can leave you feeling mentally and physically refreshed! 

We all know about the physical benefits of swimming, but now there have been studies to prove that it also brings with it psychological benefits and can be good to your wellbeing.

Here are stress-free stats taken from a recent survey…

•    74% agreed that swimming helps release stress and tension and is a perfect way to unwind after a busy day

•    68% say that being in the water builds a positive self-image

•    70% felt swimming helps them to feel mentally refreshed

Other benefits of swimming …

•    Increases mindfulness

•    Helps you get a better night’s sleep

•    Improves your memory

•    Supports the creation of new brain cells

To mark INTERNATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS WEEK we want to share with you our top tips to promote a healthy and stress-free lifestyle!

Each day this week we will be revealing a new top tip …

1.    Make time for hobbies and interests away from your normal routine

2.   Do not be afraid to say no and set limits 

3.    Balance your mind with a healthy, balanced diet 

4.    Acceptance of the uncontrollable 

5.    Act positive, feel positive 

Make sure you check back here each day for our stress-busting tips!

For more information about International Stress Awareness week click here.