British Summer Championships: Day Four

25 Jul 2023

The fourth day of the British Summer Championships brought us the first relay action of the week, as 27 gold medal moments were delivered throughout an entertaining evening session at Ponds Forge. 

In the afternoon sessions we saw some close-fought, exciting relay battles in both the Women's 4x100m Freestyle, and the Men's 4x200m Freestyle, whilst the evening session included some electric displays in the Men's 100m Freestyle finals. 

Tuesday's Winners

Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay

14-16 Yrs (Heats-Declared Winner)

RTW Monson (GOLD)

Millfield School A (SILVER)

Guildford City (BRONZE)

17 Yrs & Over (Heats-Declared Winner)

University of Stirling (GOLD)

Loughborough University (SILVER)

Mount Kelly A (BRONZE)

Women's MC 100m Freestyle

Callie-Ann Warrington [S10], Tonbridge (GOLD)

Amber Haycock [S10], Northampton (SILVER)

Eliza Humphrey [S11], Northampton (BRONZE)

Men's MC 100m Freestyle

Roan Brennan [S10], Basildon PH (GOLD)

Kieran Williams [S10], Newquay (SILVER)

Owen Say [S8], Nova Centurion (BRONZE)

Women's 200m Butterfly

13/14 Yrs

Edie Price, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Elysia Stephens, City of Birmingham (SILVER)

Abbie Roscoe, Wirral Metro (BRONZE)

15 Yrs

Seren Tallantyre, N & D PP SC (GOLD)

Ines Guimond-Beetham, Camden Swiss (SILVER)

Matilda Ashcroft, City of Leeds (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Isla Jones, City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Jessica Smelt, Bo Kirklees (SILVER)

Lacey Roberts, Plymouth Leander (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Lucy Fox, Wycombe District (GOLD)

Stella McCardie, City of Glasgow (SILVER)

Constance Phillips, Nova Centurion (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & Over

Betsy Wizard, Northampton (GOLD)

Shannon Stott, Hatfield (SILVER)

Sophie Freeman, Guildford City (BRONZE)

Men's 100m Freestyle

14/15 Yrs

Gabriel Shepherd, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Alessandro D'Onforio, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Abduljabar Adama, Mount Kelly (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Lauchlan Parrott, Millfield (GOLD)

Alexandru Lazar, N & D PP SC (SILVER)

Zachariah Dale, Newcastle (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Angelo Giani Contini, Newcastle (GOLD)

Henry Gray, Chelsea and Westminster (SILVER)

Nicholas Finch, Chelsea and Westminster (BRONZE)

18 Yrs

Reuben Rowbotham-Keating, City of Manchester Aquatics (GOLD)

Jake Gaunt, Soundwell (SILVER)

Arun Oelkers, Mount Kelly (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & Over

Jordan Cooley, Leeds University (GOLD)

Dan Jones, Swansea University (SILVER)

Jamie Ingram, City of Manchester Aquatics (BRONZE)

Women's MC 100m Breaststroke

Iona Winnifirth [S6], Tonbridge (GOLD)

Fern Sneddon [S6], RTW Monson (SILVER)

Lily Rice [S7], Pembrokeshire County (BRONZE)

Men's MC 100m Breaststroke

Jack Milne [S14], UoAPS (GOLD)

William Perry [S6], Ealing (SILVER)

Ryan Potter [S14], Preston (BRONZE)

Women's 50m Freestyle

13/14 Yrs

Hannah Capron, Brighton (GOLD)

Lily Green, Plymouth Leander (SILVER)

Willow Harrison, City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

15 Yrs

Annabelle Compton, Wycombe District (GOLD)

Emma Wood, City of Leeds (SILVER)

Ellie Freeze, Sutton and Cheam (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Skye Carter, Basildon and Phoenix (GOLD)

Flawia Kamzol, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Bethan Cooke, Chase Swimming (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Laurie Devine, Repton (GOLD)

Hollie Widdows, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Libby Broder, City of Cardiff (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & Over

Evelyn Davis, University of Stirling (GOLD)

Clementine Lovel, Loughborough University (SILVER)

Jemima Hall, Bath University (BRONZE)

Men's 400m Individual Medley

14/15 Yrs

Llewellyn Porter, Camden Swiss (GOLD)

Joseph Ashley, Warriors of Warrington (SILVER)

Santino Del Real, Chelsea and Westminster (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Finlay Pope, Stockport Metro (GOLD)

Fergus Thompson, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Raheel Mahmood, Romford Town (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (GOLD)

Edward Marcal Whittles, Chelsea and Westminster (SILVER)

Thomas Wilkinson, City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

18 Yrs

Vadim Bosc, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Oscar Barlow, Bath University (SILVER)

Rhydian Arch, City of Cardiff (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & Over

Ben Harrison, Loughborough University (GOLD)

Pierce Greening, University of Stirling (SILVER)

Andrew Bertoli, University of Stirling (BRONZE)

Men's MC 50m Breaststroke

Lyndon Longhorne [S3], N & D PP SC (GOLD)

Harvey Phillips [S3], Louth (SILVER)

Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay

14-16 Yrs

City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Mount Kelly A (SILVER)

Millfield School A (BRONZE)

17 Yrs & Over

Mount Kelly A (GOLD)

University of Stirling (SILVER)

City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

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