Lizzie Simmonds announces retirement

10 Jul 2018

Lizzie Simmonds has announced her retirement from swimming.

In an emotional post on her blog the 27 year old said after swimming the distance of the world's circumference, and dedicating 15 years of her life, it was time to leave the pool behind. 

She said: "During my career I’ve been fortunate enough to bring home medals from Commonwealth Games, European and World Championships, as well as claiming 13 British titles, and breaking British, Commonwealth and European Records. 

"I’ve competed at two Olympic Games, Beijing when I was just 17 years old and London in 2012, where I finished fourth in the 200m backstroke. 

"I once broke a World Record, although someone else beat me in the same race. Travelling the world with my teammates, I’ve stood on podiums with the national anthem playing, won and lost races by a fingernail margin. 

"I’ve lived and breathed elite sport. It’s been one heck of a journey, but the time has come to move on."