Marathon swimmers head to Qatar and Seychelles

9 Feb 2018

Seven marathon swimmers will compete in the first two events of the FINA 10K World Series.

Jack Burnell, Alice Dearing, Phoebe Griffiths, Danielle Huskisson, Caleb Hughes and Toby Robinson will take part in the first open-water leg in Doha, Qatar on the 17th March

The second leg will then take place in the Seychelles with British Swimmers Jack Burnell, Jazz Carlin, Danielle Huskisson and Toby Robinson competing on 20th May.  

Team Leader Bernie Dietzig said: “Our marathon swimmers have come through a great block of early season training and are ready and keen to take on the first world cup of the season. 

“Doha and the Seychelles are new races in the calendar for 2018 and we are anticipating large fields for both the female and the male races. 

“Both races will be in the sea which always adds an environmental challenge our swimmers have to deal with.   

“Whilst some of the swimmers are out there to race and gain some vital experience I am confident that we have the calibre swimmer on the team who can make it into the top rankings.”