Reid shows promise on world stage

21 Jul 2017

Olympic finalist Grace Reid continued to show her development on the international circuit by securing a fourth place finish in the 3m Springboard.

Reid made history in Rio by finishing in eighth place at the Games and continued to show her promise in the 3m event.

She finished the prelims in 14th place, improved it to eighth in the semi-final and then secured fourth with a strong performance in the final.

In the final, she scored 68.20 for her Front 3 ½ Somersaults piked and secured a total score of 336.70. 

"I don't have words right now, it's very surreal," Reid said. "I just went into that final purely to have fun and something clicked today that hasn't clicked before.

"I don't like knowing where I'm sitting, I just knew I was diving well which is obviously a nice feeling. I think each dive I was being aggressive and confident and that showed.

"I have to stay focused though because I'm competing again with Tom tomorrow. We're really excited for the Mixed 3m Synchro and we'll see how that goes."

After a strong 10m prelim both Tom Daley and Matty Lee proceeded through to the semi-final on the same day. Both athletes continued their consistent performance to reach the final which takes place on Saturday 22 July.

Daley impressed throughout the six dives and scored 81 points for his first three dives. His best dive was in the fifth round when he scored 98.05 for his Front 4 ½ Somersaults tucked.

He finished the semi-final in second place with a score of 498.65.

"Everything was pretty steady, there wasn't anything particularly amazing in there or bad in there, I just wanted it to be as steady as possible,” Daley said.

"I've really worked on a lot of cardio this year and that's enabled me to last the competition without getting too fatigued so I'm pretty happy with the way it's gone so far."

Lee secured his place in his first World Championship final after scoring a total of 472.35 and finishing in fifth place overall.

Lee showed confidence to hold his own throughout the rounds and scored 87.45 for his Armstand Back Triple Somersaults tucked.

“The semi-final went really well, I enjoyed all of it,” Lee said. “I was definitely looking forward to the semi-final and I just feel more confident competition now.

"Training has been going really well, my preparation for this competition has been almost perfect so I was just excited to showcase my diving to the world.

"This is my first world final and it's just nice to get through. I've got nothing to lose, so I just want to go out there, go through the process, do each dive and have fun."

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