Back to school tips from Britain's young para-swimmers

4 Sep 2018

Britain’s Paras-swimmers have been giving their best tips on how to deal with going back to school this week.

As part of a project with BBC’s Newsround, Ellie Simmonds, Ellie Robinson, Maisie Summers-Newton and Toni Shaw have been offering up their own experience of either going back to school, or starting a new one.

Talking about making friends at a new school Ellie Simmonds, who wants to be a teacher after swimming, said: “Be yourself, people will love you for who you are.”

Other advice from the Paralympic Champion included: “Get organised, be prepared, know what your timetable is, know where you are going each day and where your classrooms are.

“Wear a watch! You don’t want to be late for lessons, that’s a no-no.”

Ellie Robinson added: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not a weakness by any means and will make you stronger and better.”

Maisie Summers-Newton added: “Don’t be nervous or stressed about going to a new school – it may seem big, but everyone else is moving up and they are all in the same position as you.”

Toni Shaw added: “When making new friends, just be yourself!”