Follow our Para-Swimmers day-by-day

1 Sep 2016

Find out when our athletes are in action over in Brazil with our day-by-day guide. Watch them live on Channel 4 from 1:30pm each day as they represent ParalympicsGB at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Jessica-Jane Applegate
Jessica-Jane Applegate

Day 1 - Thursday 8th September:

Andrew Mullen - S5 200m Freestyle

Jonathan Fox - S7 100m Backstroke

Stephanie Millward - S8 400m Freestyle

Ollie Hynd - S8 400m Freestyle

Josef Craig - S8 400m Freestyle

Harriet Lee - SB9 100m Breaststroke

Jessica-Jane Applegate - S14 100m Backstroke

Bethany Firth - S14 100m Backstroke

Aaron Moores - S14 100m Backstroke

Sascha Kindred
Sascha Kindred

Day 2 - Friday 9th September:

Ellie Robinson - S6 50m Butterfly

Sascha Kindred - S6 50m Butterfly

Susie Rodgers - S7 50m Freestyle

Jonathan Fox - S7 50m Freestyle

Michael Jones - S7 50m Freestyle

Stephanie Slater - S8 100m Butterfly

Amy Marren - S9 400m Freestyle

Lewis White - S9 400m Freestyle

Jonathan Booth - S9 400m Freestyle

Ellie SImmonds London 2012
Ellie Simmonds

Day 3 - Saturday 10th September:

Andrew Mullen - S5 50m Butterfly

Ellie Simmonds - S6 50m Freestyle

Ellie Robinson - S6 50m Freestyle

Sascha Kindred - S6 50m Freestyle

Alice Tai - S10 100m Backstroke

Tom Hamer Action
Thomas Hamer

Day 4 - Sunday 11th September:

Steph Slater - S8 100m Freestyle

Steph Millward - S8 100m Freestyle

Ollie Hynd - S8 100m Freestyle

Josef Craig - S8 100m Freestyle

Claire Cahsmore - SM9 200m Individual Medley

Amy Marren - SM9 200m Individual Medley 

James Crisp - SM9 200m Individual Medley 

Harriet Lee - SM10 200m Individual Medley 

Rebecca Redfern - SB13 100m Breaststroke

Jessica-Jane Applegate - S14 200m Freestyle

Bethany Firth - S14 200m Freestyle

Thomas Hamer - S14 200m Freestyle

Abby Kane
Abby Kane

Day 5 - Monday 12th September:

Andrew Mullen - S5 50m Freestyle

Ellie Simmonds - SM6 200m Individual Medley

Sascha Kindred - SM6 200m Individual Medley

Susie Rodgers - S7 50m Butterfly

Amy Marren - S9 100m Freestyle

Matthew Wylie - S9 100m Freestyle

Lewis White - S9 100m Freestyle

Ryan Crouch - S9 100m Freestyle

Alie Tai - S10 100m Butterfly

Stephen Clegg - S13 400m Freestyle (S12)

Abby Kane - S13 400m Freestyle

Ollie Hynd World Record celebration
Ollie Hynd

Day 6 - Tuesday 13th September:

Ellie Simmonds - S6 400m Freestyle

Ellie Robinson - S6 400m Freestyle

Steph Slater - S8 100m Backstroke

Steph Millward - S8 100m Backstroke

Ollie Hynd - S8 100m Backstroke

Amy Marren - S9 50m Freestyle

Matthew Wylie - S9 50m Freestyle

Ryan Crouch - S9 50m Freestyle

Alice Tai - S10 100m Freestyle

Claire Cashmore

Day 7 - Wednesday 14th September:

Susie Rodgers - S7 400m Freestyle

Jonathan Fox - S7 400m Freestyle

Michael Jones - S7 400m Freestyle

Claire Cashmore - SB8 100m Breaststroke

Hannah Russell - S12 100m Backstroke

Stephen Clegg  - S12 100m Backstroke

Abby Kane - S13 50m Freestyle

Jessica-Jane Applegate - SB14 100m Breaststroke

Bethany Firth - SB14 100m Breaststroke

Scott Quin - SB14 100m Breaststroke

Aaron Moores - SB14 100m Breaststroke

Men's 34pt 4x100m Freestyle Relay

Charlotte Henshaw

Day 8 - Thursday 15th September

Ellie Simmonds - SB6 100m Breaststroke

Charlotte Henshaw - SB6 100m Breaststroke

Claire Cashmore - S9 100m Butterfly

Women's 34pt 4x100m Freestyle Relay

Lewis White
Lewis White

Day 9 - Friday 16th September

Andrew Mullen - S5 50m Backstroke

Susie Rodgers - S7 100m Freestyle

Jonathan Fox - S7 100m Freestyle

Michael Jones - S7 100m Freestyle

Steph Slater - S8 50m Freestyle

Steph Millward - S8 50m Freestyle

Joesf Craig - S8 50m Freestyle

Amy Marren - S9 100m Backstroke

James Crisp - S9 100m Backstroke

Lewis White - S9 100m Backstroke

Hannah Russell - S13 100m Freestyle (S12)

Stephen Clegg - S13 100m Freestyle (S12)

Women's 34pt 4x100m Medley Relay

Steph Millward
Steph Millward

Day 10 - Saturday 17th September

Andrew Mullen - S5 100m Freestyle

Ellie Simmonds - S6 100m Freestyle

Ellie Robinson - S6 100m Freestyle

Steph Millward - SM8 200m Individual Medley

Ollie Hynd - SM8 200m Individual Medley

Hannah Russell - S12 50m Freestyle

Stephen Clegg - S12 50m Freestyle

Abby Kane - S13 100m Backstroke

Jessica-Jane Applegate - SM14 200m Individual Medley

Bethany Firth - SM14 200m Individual Medley

Thomas Hamer - SM14 200m Individual Medley