Water Polo team prepares for European Champs

29 Jun 2014

The British Gas GBR Women’s Water Polo team is preparing to head to Budapest next month for the LEN European Water Polo Championship finals.

The team qualified second in Group A in January and will face Greece, the Netherlands and hosts Hungary during the competition which begins on 14 July.

"It’s been really good to train together and we’re all hoping we can get the right results.” 

- Fran Clayton

Coach Kostas Vamvakaris said: “Training is going well. The team has been centralised in Manchester for the last six weeks which has been really good and meant we have had time to work on tactics and fully prepare for the tournament.

“The win against Spain in April was a huge confidence boost for the players. They feel very positive at the moment and believe in themselves which is great.”

Fran Clayton added: “We’ve been training really hard since we all got back to Manchester. As well as pool and gym work, we’ve also been focusing on tactics. It’s been really good to train together and we’re all hoping we can get the right results.”

The team travel to Madrid on 9 July to take part in a training camp with Spain before heading to Budapest.

Rosie Morris said: “Spain play in a similar way to Greece so the training camp will be a good opportunity to get match sharp before our first game.

“Because of the funding situation we know this could be our last major competition together so everyone is really up for it. Our fitness levels are good, we’re confident on our tactics and we’re ready to go.”

This will be GBR's second consecutive European Championships having finished seventh in Eindhoven two years ago.

Water polo is Hungary’s national sport and as such the two week tournament, which also includes a men’s competition, is expected to draw large crowds.

British Gas GBR Women's Water Polo team:

  • Rosie Morris (captain) (Olympic Nice Natation, FRA)
  • Angie Winstanley-Smith (Lille UC Natation, FRA)
  • Chloe Wilcox (CN Mataro, ESP)
  • Claire Nixon (University of Hawaii, USA)
  • Pippa Temple (Princeton University, USA)
  • Francesca Clayton (ZG Eger, HUN)
  • Peggy Etiebet (Szentes, HUN)
  • Hazel Musgrove (Ethnikos, GRE)
  • Katie Hesketh (City of Liverpool)
  • Rosie Huck (City of Manchester)
  • Aine Hoy (Olympic Nice Natation, FRA)
  • Jade Smith (CN Mataro, ESP)
  • Ciara Gibson-Byrne (CN Mataro, ESP)

GBR matches:

  • Wednesday 16 July, 12:00 BST – GBR v Greece
  • Friday 18 July, 13:30 BST – GBR v Netherlands    
  • Sunday 20 July, 16:30 BST – GBR v Hungary