Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

If an athlete with a legitimate medical condition needs to use a prohibited substance or method, they will need to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

This is only accepted if there are no other suitable permitted medications or treatments that can be used, and there is a strict, detailed process to determine this. 

Applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Athletes can find out more information about the TUE process on the UKAD website here and use the TUE Wizard to find out whether they need to apply for a TUE and who to submit their application to.

The list below show who and when an application for a TUE is required. Please note a TUE is an application and needs to be supported by medical notes from a Doctor prescribing the medication. 

  1. Athletes submitting their daily whereabouts to UKAD (that is, athletes in the National Registered Testing Pool and Domestic Testing Pool)*
  2. British Swimming Podium & Podium Potential Swimming Programme Athletes*
  3. British Swimming Podium & Podium Potential Diving Programme Athletes*
  4. British Swimming Podium & Podium Potential Para-Swimming Programme Athletes**
  5. Para-Swimmers competing at IPC World Series events**
  6. GBR Artistic Swimming Squads*
  7. GBR Water Polo Squads*
  8. GBR High Diving Squads*
  9. Athletes competing at the 2022 Commonwealth Games***

*Athletes who are also included in the FINA Registered Testing Pool and/or are due to compete at a FINA event should apply direct to FINA.

**Athletes who appear on the IPC's list of International Level Athletes must apply directly to the IPC.

***Athletes who are selected to represent England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales at the 2022 Commonwealth Games (and are not already in the National TUE Pool) are required to apply for TUEs for acute and chronic medical conditions as soon as their selection is confirmed.

An application can take up to two weeks to be processed and a decision on the application returned. By submitting an application does not mean automatic permission.

For all support and advice with TUE applications please contact British Swimming Anti-Doping Lead, Jane Smith here or 07917 834785, who will be able to support you with your TUE application.

Jane will also be able to advise whether an application needs to be made via FINA, UKAD or IPC. An application cannot be submitted to more than one organisation.