Daley’s top tips for staying motivated

5 Jan 2017

Double Olympic medallist and World champion Tom Daley gives us his top five tips to help you stay motivated whilst keeping fit, training or just everyday life.

  1. No self-limited thinking: Visualise the best possible you and if you’re not there yet then think about the process of how you can do it and how you can get there.
  2. Get an exercise buddy: When it comes to exercising find someone to go with, having someone else with you can make working out more fun and motivating.
  3. Create a daily routine: If you have a solid routine that you can follow and adhere to everyday then it gives you more get up and go and also you start to create healthy habits.
  4. Set goals: Goal setting is massively important with a key factor being that a goal must be realistic and achievable. It’s also important to have short, medium and long term goals that build towards the ultimate goal.
  5. Live in the moment: You can’t change what’s already happened, you can only work as hard as you can right now and pave the way for the future you.

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