British Summer Championships 2023: Day One

22 Jul 2023

The opening day of the 2023 British Summer Championships saw our first champions being crowned in both the Men's and Women's 1500m Freestyle events. 

With medals being awarded across all age groups in the heat-declared-winners event, Ponds Forge was treated to a spectacle of distance swimming magic across both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Saturday's Winners

Men's 1500m Freestyle

14/15 Yrs:

Ethan Kelly, City of Liverpool (GOLD)

Thomas Belt, Plymouth Leander (SILVER)

Jack Bamborough, City of Cardiff (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Samuel Sterry, Tigers Jersey (GOLD)

Samuel Williams, Wycombe District (SILVER)

Dante Sinnott, Barnet Copthall (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Luke McGee, N & D PP (GOLD)

Oliver Rowe, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Luke Hornsey, East Lothian (BRONZE)

18 Yrs 

Rafae Shafi, Repton (GOLD)

Alexander Volkovoy, City of Salford (SILVER)

Christian Duetoft, Guildford City (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over 

Nathan Hughes, Swansea University (GOLD)

Joseph Deighan, Swansea University (SILVER)

Tobias Robinson, Loughborough University (BRONZE)

Women's 1500m Freestyle

13/14 Yrs  

Millie Threlfall, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Abbie Roscoe, Wirral Metro (SILVER)

Alice Forrest, N & D PP (BRONZE)

15 Yrs

Phoebe Arbuckle, Warrender Baths (GOLD)

Ava Cook, City of Sheffield (SILVER)

Katie Lee, City of Salford (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Lucy Parsons, City of Liverpool (GOLD)

Cait Cotter, Chelmsford (SILVER)

Molly Baker, City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Lucy Fox, Wycombe District (GOLD)

Evangeline Belt, Plymouth Leander (SILVER)

Ruby Griffiths, Mount Kelly (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Lucie Hanquet, Loughborough University (GOLD)

Fleur Lewis, Loughborough University (SILVER)

Leah Crisp, Bath Performance Centre (BRONZE)

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Tickets for spectators are required and are strongly advised to be purchased online via the Ticket Factory prior to attending the venue. For sessions with available capacity, tickets will be available from the ticketing desk in the Ponds Forge foyer area.