Summer Champs 23 [MH]

British Summer Championships: Day Seven

28 Jul 2023

The 4x100m Medley Relays brought the curtain down on the British Summer Championships for 2023, with 28 gold medals handed out on the final night in Sheffield.

The final night of the British Summer Championships in Sheffield served up more action packed racing and the seven days of competition were rounded off with four exhilarating relay finals.

1500 swimmers and 256 clubs have been represented in the pool at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre between 22nd-28th July, with the event hosting Britain's top junior talent as well as offering qualifying athletes from the Home Nations an opportunity to compete at one of the hallmark end of season domestic events.

Friday's Winners

Men's 400m Freestyle

14/15 Yrs 

Ethan Kelly, City of Liverpool (GOLD)

Llewellyn Porter, Camden Swiss (SILVER)

Daniel Khodaverdi, Stockport Metro (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Samuel Sterry, Tigers Jersey (GOLD)

Hayden Annan, RTW Monson (SILVER)

Matthew Deffains, Tigers Jersey (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Luke McGee, N & D PP SC (GOLD)

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (SILVER)

Luke Hornsey, East Lothian (BRONZE)

18 Yrs

Alexander Volkovoy, City of Salford (GOLD)

Rafae Shafi, Repton (SILVER)

Christian Duetoft, Guildford City (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & Over

Kieran Bird, Performance Centre Bath (GOLD)

Charlie Hutchison, Loughborough University (SILVER)

Josh Williams, Swansea University (BRONZE)

Women's 100m Breaststroke

13/14 Yrs 

Imogen Myles, Sevenoaks (GOLD)

Gabrielle McCulloch, City of Salford (SILVER)

Annabel Cooke, City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

15 Yrs

Seren Tallantyre, N & D PP SC (GOLD)

Gracie Parker, Basildon Phoenix (SILVER)

Mari Gibson, City of Cardiff (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Charlotte Hardy, Millfield (GOLD)

Ruby Stephenson, City of Milton Keynes (SILVER)

Anna Farr, City of Leicester (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Charlotte Bianchi, City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Anna Healey, Wigan BEST (SILVER) 

Sophie King, Woking (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & Above

Imogen Clark, Derby Excel (GOLD)

Leah Schlosshan, City of Leeds (SILVER) 

Kayla Van Der Merwe, Poole (BRONZE)

Men's 200m Backstroke

14/15 Yrs 

Aran Bissett, RTW Monson (GOLD)

Ben Uff, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Oliver Baskerville, Hatfield (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Fergus Thomson, Mount Kelly(GOLD)

Toby Godsell, Bishop Stortford (SILVER)

Jake Franse, Worksop (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Oscar Dodds, City of Leicester (GOLD)

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (SILVER)

Reece Blackett, Newcastle (BRONZE)

18 Yrs

Adam Graham, Millfield (GOLD)

Oscar Barlow, Bath University (SILVER)

Oliver Pope, Thanet Swim (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & Over

Charlie Brown, Loughborough University (GOLD)

Samuel Greenbank, City of Sheffield (SILVER)

Pietro Ubertalli, Chelsea & Westminster (BRONZE)

Women's 100m Butterfly

13/14 Yrs 

Edie Price, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Madeleine Hind, RTW Monson (SILVER)

Scarlett Sheppard, Guildford City (BRONZE)

15 Yrs

Seren Tallantyre, N & D PP SC (GOLD)

Indigo Spence, Chelsea & Westminster (SILVER)

Jessica Huggins, Poole (BRONZE)

16 Yrs

Flawia Kamzol, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Skye Carter, Basildon Phoenix (SILVER)

Isla Jones, City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Jessica Lawton, City of Bristol (GOLD)

Lucy Fox, Wycombe District (SILVER) 

Constance Phillips, Nova Centurion (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & Above

Betsy Wizard, Northampton (GOLD)

Georgina Pryor, Derby Excel (SILVER) 

Sophie Freeman, Guildford City (BRONZE)

Men's 50m Butterfly

16 Yrs 

Rio Daodu, Kingston Hull (GOLD)

Ethan Richards-Knight, Chalfont (SILVER)

Joseph Wey, Guildford City (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Nicholas Finch, Chelsea & Westminster (GOLD)

Kieran Lennox, University of Aberdeen Performance Squad (SILVER)

Henry Dean, Thurrock (BRONZE)

18 Yrs

Kieran Grant, Beverley Barracudas  (GOLD)

James Cleaver, Beckenham (SILVER)

Brodie Gordon-Gibson, Warrender Baths (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & Over

Joshua Gammon, Bath University (GOLD)

Lewis Fraser, Swansea University (SILVER)

Gregor Swinney, City of Glasgow (BRONZE)

Women's 4x100m Medley Relay

14-16 Yrs

Mount Kelly A (GOLD)

City of Salford A (SILVER)


17 Yrs & Over

Loughborough University (GOLD)

City of Sheffield (SILVER)

City of Leeds A (BRONZE)

Men's 4x100m Medley Relay

14-16 Yrs

City of Leeds (GOLD)

Chelsea & Westminster (SILVER)


17 Yrs & Over

University Of Stirling (GOLD)

City of Sheffield (SILVER)

Swansea University (BRONZE)

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