British Summer Championships: Day Three

24 Jul 2023

The third day of British Summer Championships action delivered 38 gold medal moments across a session of entertaining races at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Monday's competition featured a busy programme of racing at the 2023 British Summer Championships, with Leah Schlosshan, (City of Leeds) and Amber Rigg (Cockermouth) both making multiple trips to the podium across the evening finals session.

Monday's Winners

Women's 800m Freestyle

13/14 Yrs 

Abbie Roscoe, Wirral Metro (GOLD)

Alice Forrest, N & D PP SC (SILVER)

Evie Clare, Stockport Metro (BRONZE)

15 Yrs 

Ava Cook, City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Phoebe Arbuckle, Warrender Baths (SILVER)

Emma Price, N & D PP (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Cait Cotter, Chelmsford (GOLD)

Emilia John, City of Cardiff (SILVER)

Lucy Parsons, City of Liverpool (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Lucy Fox, Wycombe District (GOLD)

Ruby Griffiths, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Jess Widdowson, City of Leeds (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Leah Crisp, Performance Centre Bath (GOLD)

Alice Dearing, Loughborough University (SILVER)

Michaella Glenister, University of Stirling (BRONZE)

Men's 200m Butterfly

14/15 Yrs 

Llewellyn Porter, Camden Swiss (GOLD)

Aidan Orpin, Sutton Cheam (SILVER)

Gabriel Shepherd, City of Leeds (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Ethan Stubbs-Green, Millfield (GOLD)

Jack Brown, Soundwell (SILVER)

Matthew Hamilton, Plymouth Leander (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (GOLD)

Henry Grey, Chelsea and Westminster (SILVER)

Scott Fleming, East Kilbride (BRONZE)

18 Yrs 

Riccardo Lucarelli, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Rueben Rowbotham-Keating, City of Manchester Aquatics (SILVER)

James Shevchenko, Royal Wolverhampton (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over 

Thomas Beeley, University of Aberdeen Performance Squad (GOLD)

Joshua Gammon, Bath University (SILVER)

Antonio Rodriguez, Swansea University (BRONZE)

Women's 100m Backstroke


Megan Neave [S14], Repton (GOLD)

Abby Kane [S13], University of Stirling (SILVER)

Lily Rice [S18], Pembrokeshire County (BRONZE)

13/14 Yrs 

Grace Macdonald, Grantham (GOLD)

Katherine Williams, Wycombe District (SILVER)

Isabelle Price, City of Birmingham (BRONZE)

15 Yrs 

Emma Wood, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Amber Rigg, Cockermouth (SILVER)

Vanesa Cimermanova, City of Peterborough (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Flawia Kamzol, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Annabel Crees, Leamington (SILVER)

Katherine Renfrew, Perth City (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Evie Dilley, Millfield (GOLD)

Libby Freeman, N & D PP SC (SILVER)

Sophie Weston, Warriors of Warrington (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Kathleen Dawson, University of Stirling (GOLD)

Pia Murray, Leyland Barr (SILVER)

Niamh Ward, Bath University (BRONZE)

Men's 100m Backstroke


Luke Batty [S9], Bolton Metro (GOLD)

Dylan Broom [S14], Torfaen Dolphins (SILVER)

Owen Garsides [S14], Kingston Hull (BRONZE)

14/15 Yrs 

Aran Bissett, RTW Monson (GOLD)

Aidan Orpin, Sutton Cheam (SILVER)

Daniel Ransom, City of Leeds (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Toby Godsell, Bishop Stortford (GOLD)

Zeno Ubertalli, Chelsea & Westminster (SILVER)

Fergus Thomson, Mount Kelly (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Finn Broekhoven, Plymouth Leander (GOLD)

Conor Cherrington, Millfield (SILVER)

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (BRONZE)

18 Yrs 

Lewis Warner, Nottingham Leander (GOLD)

Kieran Grant, Beverley Barracudas (SILVER)

Oscar Barlow, Bath University (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over 

Samuel Greenbank, City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Pietro Ubertalli, Chelsea & Westminster (SILVER)

Jamie Ferguson, University of Aberdeen Performance Squad (BRONZE)

Women's 200m Breaststroke

13/14 Yrs 

Imogen Myles, Sevenoaks (GOLD)

Gabrielle McCulloch, City of Salford (SILVER)

Anastasia Musat, City of Salford (BRONZE)

15 Yrs 

Maisie Brown, Rushmoor Royals (GOLD)

Hollie Whaymand, Maxwell (SILVER)

Niamh Savory, Newcastle (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Anna Finlay, N & D PP SC (GOLD)

Charlotte Cope, Guildford City (SILVER)

Charlotte Hardy, Millfield (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Charlotte Bianchi, City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Sophie Brassington, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Eleanor Hall, Millfield (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Elizabeth Booker, Loughborough University (GOLD)

Leah Schlosshan, City of Leeds (SILVER)

Hannah Bowley, Repton (BRONZE)

Men's 50m Butterfly


Bruce Dee [S6], Northampton (GOLD)

Zach Washington-Young [S6], Performance Centre Manchester (SILVER)

Women's 50m Butterfly


Iona Winnifrith [S6], Tonbridge (GOLD)

Men's 50m Breaststroke

16 Yrs 

Jamie Steadman, Clevedon (GOLD)

George Brooks, City of Leeds (SILVER)

Daniel Beadle, Maxwell (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Freddie Carter, Swindon Dolphins (GOLD)

Joshua Scott, Bracknell (SILVER)

Alexander Corver, Whitgift SC (BRONZE)

18 Yrs 

Elliot Woodburn, Millfield (GOLD)

Oliver Jones, Poole (SILVER)

Olivier Vedrenne, City of Norwich (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over 

Oliver Taverner, Loughborough University (GOLD)

Rory Dickson, University of Stirling (SILVER)

Samuel Neeld, Birmingham University (BRONZE)

Women's 200m Individual Medley

13/14 Yrs 

Amalie Smith, Tonbridge (GOLD)

Willow Harrison, City of Sheffield (SILVER)

Abbie Roscoe, Wirral Metro (BRONZE)

15 Yrs 

Seren Tallantyre, N & D PP SC (GOLD)

Katie Lee, City of Salford (SILVER)

Amber Rigg, Cockermouth (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Suzie McNair, Stirling (GOLD)

Skye Carter, Basildon Phoenix (SILVER)

Ruby Stephenson, City of Milton Keynes (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Hollie Widdows, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Sholah Robinson, City of Sheffield (SILVER)

Sophie King, Woking (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Leah Schlosshan, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Beatrice Varley, Plymouth Leander (SILVER)

Scarlet Major, Swansea University (BRONZE)

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