British Summer Championships: Day Two

23 Jul 2023

The second day of British Summer Championships action brought us our first finals session at Ponds Forge - delivering countless exciting moments as the competition got into full swing.

The second day of competition at the 2023 British Summer Championships produced some memorable swims across all age groups, with a whole host of fresh faces getting their hands on national medals for the first time. 

Sunday's Winners

Men's 200m Freestyle


Dylan Broom, Torfaen Dolphins  (GOLD)

Joseph Greaves, Nova Centurion (SILVER)

Nathan McManus, Plymouth Leander (BRONZE)

14/15 Yrs 

Gabriel Shepherd, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Llewellyn Porter, Camden Swiss (SILVER)

Ethan Kelly, City of Liverpool (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Hayden Annan, RTW Monson (GOLD)

Lauchlan Parrott, Millfield (SILVER)

Matthew Deffains, Tigers Jersey (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Jonathon Turck, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (SILVER)

Luke Hornsey, East Lothian (BRONZE)

18 Yrs 

Tyler Melbourne-Smith, City of Liverpool (GOLD)

Reuben Rowbotham-Keating, City of Manchester (SILVER)

Reece Grady, Stockport Metro (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over 

Kieran Bird, Bath Performance Centre (GOLD)

Ben Cope, City of Sheffield (SILVER)

Freddie Ashley-Sparks, Plymouth Leander (BRONZE)

Women's 200m Freestyle


Megan Neave, Repton (GOLD)

Chiara Fellone, City of Salford (SILVER)

Tylia Glynn, Stockport Metro (BRONZE)

Women's 400m Freestyle


Charlotte Hyde, Enfield (GOLD)

Lily Rice, Pembrokeshire County (SILVER)

Amber Haycock, Northampton (BRONZE)

13/14 Yrs 

Elizabeth Warner, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Abbie Roscoe, Wirral Metro (SILVER)

Darcey Smith, Portsmouth Northsea (BRONZE)

15 Yrs 

Emma Price, N & D PP (GOLD)

Phoebe Arbuckle, Warrender Baths (SILVER)

Ava Cook, City of Sheffield (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Molly Baker, City of Sheffield (GOLD)

Cait Cotter, Chelmsford (SILVER)

Jessica Smelt, Borough of Kirklees (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Lucy Fox, Wycombe District (GOLD)

Ruby Griffiths, Mount Kelly (SILVER)

Eja Coe, Derby Excel (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Michaella Glenister, University of Stirling (GOLD)

Jemima Hall, University of Bath (SILVER)

Fleur Lewis, Loughborough University (BRONZE)

Men's 100m Breaststroke

14/15 Yrs 

Daniel Ransom, City of Leeds (GOLD)

Joseph Ashley, Warriors of Warrington (SILVER)

William Tonks, Boldmere (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Jamie Steadman, Clevedon (GOLD)

Connor Mitchell, Warrender Baths (SILVER)

Rhys Dodd, Soundwell (BRONZE)

17 Yrs 

Alexander Corver, Whitgift (GOLD)

Reagan Gallagher, Taunton Deane (SILVER)

Freddie Carter, Swindon Dolphins (BRONZE)

18 Yrs 

Elliot Woodburn, Millfield (GOLD)

Olivier Vedrenne, City of Norwich (SILVER)

Oliver Jones, Poole (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over 

Rory Dickson, University of Stirling (GOLD)

George Smith, University of Stirling (SILVER)

Pravin Mahendrakumar, Winchester (BRONZE)

Men's 400m Freestyle


Tomas Navarro-Barber, Portsmouth Northsea (GOLD)

Luke Batty, Bolton Metro (SILVER)

Kieran Williams, Newquay (BRONZE)

Women's 50m Breaststroke

15 Yrs 

Gabrielle Idle-Beavers, Mount Kelly (GOLD)

Seren Tallantyre, N & D PP (SILVER)

Amber Rigg, Cockermouth (BRONZE)

16 Yrs 

Danielle Siong, City of Milton Keynes (GOLD)

Charlotte Hardy, Millfield (SILVER)

Anna Farr, City of Leicester (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Sophie King, Woking (GOLD)

Anna Healey, Wigan BEST (SILVER)

Aaliyah Richards, Sevenoaks (BRONZE)

18 Yrs & over 

Imogen Clark, Derby Excel (GOLD)

Leah Schlosshan, City of Leeds (SILVER)

Ashley Ransome, Hatfield (BRONZE)

Men's 50m Backstroke

16 Yrs

Rio Daodu, Kingston Hull (GOLD)

Toby Godsell, Bishop's Stortford (SILVER)

Zeno Ubertalli, Chelsea & West (BRONZE)

17 Yrs

Finn Broekhoven, Plymouth Leander (GOLD)

David Annis, Royal Wolverhampton (SILVER)

Charlie Meek, Poole (BRONZE)

18 Yrs

Sean Simmons, Bristol Hengrove (GOLD)

Gabriel Knight, Bournemouth (SILVER)

Lewis Warner, Nottingham Leander (BRONZE)

19 Yrs & over

Jamie Robertson, University of Stirling (GOLD)

Jamie Ferguson, University of Aberdeen (SILVER)

Robbie Hemmings, Poole (BRONZE)

Men’s MC 150m Ind. Medley


Lyndon Longhorne, N & D PP (GOLD)

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