Ulyett breaks British Record in Sheffield

19 Apr 2017

Loughborough University’s Jocelyn Ulyett impressed the crowd in setting a new British Record and winning her first national title in the 200m Breaststroke on the second day of action at the British Swimming Championships in Sheffield. 

Ulyett took on Olympians Molly Renshaw (National Centre Loughborough) and Chloe Tutton (City of Cardiff) in the final.

Tutton went into the lead in the first half of the race but Ulyett brought it back in the second 100m to touch in a time of 2:22.08 to set the record and achieve the qualifying standard for the World Championships.

“That time is so surreal, I can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been really struggling with confidence so this morning really boosted it and then tonight I just had nothing to lose so I just swam my own race."

- Jocelyn Ulylett - 200m Breaststroke British Champion

“I’m so excited to have met the time. It’s absolutely crazy to have achieved that. I just can’t believe it.”

Renshaw fought back through the final 50m to secure silver and a consideration time for the World Championships. Tutton took the bronze medal.

Double Olympic medallist James Guy took his second title of the competition with a strong swim in the 200m Butterfly after being pushed through the first 150m by Cameron Brodie.

Guy (National Centre Bath) secured a new personal best time when he finished in 1:55.91. 

“When I dived in my goggles leaked and my hat started coming off so to come away with that gold is great,” Guy said. “It’s not my main event but it helps my 200m and 400m Freestyle because it’s an endurance and stamina event. By doing some more fly training it gives me extra power in the pool and I actually enjoy racing it. 

“I do have a busy week but it’s what we train for. We do a lot of work for those few minutes in the pool. I am excited for the rest of the week.”

- James Guy - 200m Butterfly British Champion

Brodie (University of Stirling) finished second and Duncan Scott (University of Stirling) took the bronze.

Olympic Champion Adam Peaty excelled again at these Championships with his second gold medal coming in the 50m Breaststroke.

The world record holder moved into an early lead and showed his world class power to win the race ahead of Edinburgh University Euan Inglis and Aberdeen Dolphins Mark Campbell. 

“I came here tonight to see what I had in that 50 and I am pleased with where that is in April,” Peaty said. “It’s almost annoying how close I was to the world record but that’s sport and we’ll go back and see how we can improve it now.

“I really like the 50 because I can just go all at it. The 50 is going to compliment my 100 and that’s the main reason why I do it to be honest. The crowd have been great and they don’t know how much their support means to me. Hopefully one day I can give back to them.”

Olympian Georgia Davies swam an excellent race in the 100m Backstroke to take the victory and touched under the consideration time for the World Championships.

Davies took the race out hard from the start and turned in first place. In the final 50m she carved out a bigger lead to finish in a new personal best time of 59.34. 

“I’m really pleased with that tonight,” Davies said. “I’m really pleased I could pull that kind of swim out here when it mattered and hopefully get selected for the World Championships.

“I took a slightly longer break than normal after Rio because I wanted to fully recover and make a decision about what I wanted to do next but I couldn’t retire while I still love what I am doing.”

Kathleen Dawson (University of Stirling) took the silver with Jessica Fullalove (National Centre Bath) winning the bronze medal.

Olympic silver medallist Jazz Carlin continued her British Championships campaign by retaining her title in the 800m Freestyle.

Carlin was pushed throughout the race by Stockport Metro’s Holly Hibbott but the double Olympic medallist used her experience to seal the victory in the final 100m of the race.

She showed a good back end to touch first in the final. Hibbott took the silver and City of Glasgow’s Camilla Hattersley took the bronze.

On her victory Carlin said: “After yesterday I didn’t feel too great and it was really just about coming in and putting in a good race today. When you aren’t feeling great the 800m is a sore one but it’s obviously great to come away with the win and it’s great to race the best in Britain.

“After the highs of Rio it’s always tough to get back into the swing of it. It has been a tough few months but it’s nice to come here and race and the crowd are really getting behind the athletes.

“Rio  was in my mind for so long and when that’s done it like ‘oh what’s next’ and Tokyo will come and fly by so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck back into training now.”

Olympic finalist Chris Walker-Hebborn (National Centre Bath) retained his British title with a swim that saw him dominate the field in tonight’s final.

Walker-Hebborn led to the 50m turn and was chased down the first leg of the pool by Luke Greenbank (National Centre Loughborough).

Greenbank took the silver with City of Cardiff’s Xavier Mohammed winning bronze.

Loughborough University’s Charlotte Atkinson secured the first gold medal of the evening in the 50m Butterfly after facing up to

15-year old Sophie Yendell in a close final. Atkinson took it on the touch with the City of Derby swimmer finishing second and Alys Thomas (Swansea Aquatics).

Loughborough University’s Harriet West won the Target Tokyo 50m Butterfly final after reaching the line before Katherine Stark (Aberdeen Performance) and Mollie Allen (City of Peterborough).

Newcastle’s Emily Large won the first race of the evening after touching first in the Junior Final of the 50m Butterfly with Jasmine McCrea (Poole) and Alicia Wilson (Guildford City) finishing second and third respectively.

The Target Tokyo 50m Breaststroke was a close final that saw the swimmers coming for the touch in a line but it was Millfield’s Zak Aitchison that took the victory with David Murphy (City of Oxford) finishing second and Luke Davies (Bath University) touching in third.

Mount Kelly’s Oliver Taverner won the Junior final of the 50m Breaststroke with a swim that saw him pushed all the way by Lewis Fraser (Swansea Aquatics) and Oliver Crosby (Stockport Metro).

Loughborough University’s Kevin Wallbank secured a dominating victory in the Target Tokyo 200m Butterfly final after touching ahead of James Baxter (Wycombe District) and Kyle Chisholm (Borough of Kirklees)

Jacob Peters (Poole) took the win in the Junior 200m Butterfly final ahead of Mason Wilby (Loughborough University) and Thomas Beeley (Aberdeen Performance).

It was Kathryn Greenslade (Edinburgh University) that took the win in the Target Tokyo 100m Backstroke with Charlotte Evans (National Centre Loughborough) finishing second and Harriet West (Loughborough University) finishing third.

The Junior final of the 100m Backstroke saw Ellesmere College’s Cassie Wild win the race after touching the way before Lily Boseley (City of Sheffield) and Elinor Southward (Ellesmere College). 

Loughborough University’s Daniel Cross secured a promising win in the Target Tokyo final of the 100m Backstroke after touching ahead of Perry Gardner (Plymouth Leander) and Craig McLean (University of Stirling).

Elliot Clogg (City of Sheffield) secured the win the Junior final of the 100m Backstroke in front of his home crowd. He beat Jahrel Murphy (Ealing) and Scott McLay (Perth City) to the victory.

Kara Hanlon (Edinburgh University) won the final Target Tokyo final of the evening as she touched first in the 200m Breaststroke.

Emily Wood (City of Oxford) finished second and Cerys Coley (City of Newport) finished third 

City of Leeds’ Layla Black secured first place in the Junior final of the 200m Breaststroke with Annabel Guye-Johnson (RTW Monson) taking second place and Amy Bell (City of Sheffield) finishing third. 

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