Fuel My Friday: Hamer’s Healthy Fuel Granola Bars

19 Oct 2018

Commonwealth and European Champion para-swimmer Tom Hamer has given us his handy healthy fuel granola bar recipe and explains why it’s great for athletes always on the go!

Over to you Tom…

This healthy granola bar is a perfect 'on the go' fuel. I like to grab one just as I’m heading to the pool for training, or keep one for a pre-gym workout snack. They’re a great source of fibre, carbs and good fats.

I usually make a big batch of these for the week ahead and then I always know I’ve got something to stop me feeling hungry.

First make sure you’ve got all the ingredients:

-        330g granola mix

-        440g dates

-        165g cocoa powder

-        55g almond butter

-        55g honey

Right, time to get down to business, follow each of my steps to whip yourself up this tasty treat…

  1. Chuck all the dates in a big mixing bowl and cover them with boiling water. They need to soak for about 30 minutes so I normally go off and plan my schedule for the week.
  2.  Back to the kitchen, tip all of the granola mix into a food processor or blender (either work). You need to get it to a stage where the mix is a bit less chunky.
  3. Next you need the dates, get rid of the water and add them to the granola in the food processor – blend the dates until they’ve broken up.
  4. Time to grab yourself a saucepan, pour in all the honey, almond butter and cocoa powder. Have it on a medium heat until it’s well mixed and runny.
  5. Throw the granola date mix into a big bowl and over the top pour the honey mix.
  6. Big stir required now, keep going until your arm hurts and by that point it will be perfectly combined.
  7. Now need to create a big granola slab on a baking tray, don’t forget to line it with baking paper first.
  8. Stick it in the freezer for almost 30 minutes until its gone firm and then cut into your perfect portion size.

This recipe should make you roughly 12 tasty and super healthy granola bars. Feel free to add your own extras and make sure to share pictures of your bars on social tagging me and British Swimming.