Here are your most commonly asked volunteering questions answered all in one place.

How do I find out what roles are available?

See our Guide to Roles which shows each role, what they entail, what characteristics we look for, and how all roles fit together at an event.

What experience do I need?

We welcome any enthusiastic volunteer and would love for you to get in touch, no matter your experience of volunteering at aquatics events. The desirable experience depends on the level of volunteer role that you are looking at. For example, to be a team leader we require you to have volunteered in that functional area at an event of a certain level before. Each role description will outline this to give you an idea.

Do I need to know the technicalities of the sport? 

No, we have a variety of roles available, some do require knowledge of the sport e.g. officiating and recording, but there are also plenty of roles across all sports that require no technical knowledge such as front of house, spectator services, kit carrying.

How can I develop my skills as a volunteer?

We always encourage volunteers to try various functional areas to broaden your experience and skills by pushing your comfort zone. You might even find a role that you prefer or feel you fit into even better, just let us know!

How do I apply?

Fill in the Register Your Interest form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch to ask a few more questions and let you know what we have available.