Getting to know: Mikey Jones

12 Sep 2018

Fresh from his 400m freestyle success in Dublin, new European Champion Mikey Jones tells us a bit more about his life.

Hometown: New Milton

Biggest achievement: Gold at Rio Paralympic Games

Worst injury (in or out of sport): Shoulder surgery

How did you get into swimming? Physiotherapy and from there, competitive swimming

Who is your most famous follower on social media? Ellie Simmonds

Who is the biggest joker in the team? Me

Do you speak any other languages? No

What is your party trick? Reverse Taper

Who is your current sporting hero? My housemate and best friend, James Hollis…..Just Kidding. Phillippe Coutinho

What annoys you? My housemate and best friend…James Hollis

If you could have any pet what would it be? Pet Cow

If you could go on a TV show what would it be? Tough call between Breaking Bad and Judge Rinder

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