Firth's three facts on Nutrition

6 Jan 2017

To round off our week of athlete advice for improving health and wellbeing in 2017, we’ve got some nutrition tips from multiple Paralympic champion Bethany Firth.

1. Hydration - Whether you’re a serious athlete or a recreational exerciser, it’s important to make sure you are hydrated. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. If you’re not properly hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level. 

2. Eat the Rainbow - The phrase "eating a rainbow" of fruits and vegetables is a simple way of remembering to get as much colour variety in your diet as possible, so that you can maximise your intake of a broad range of different nutrients.

3. Good Quality Carbohydrates – they’re a key fuel source for exercise, especially during prolonged continuous or high-intensity exercise. It provides provide energy for muscles, the brain and your immune cells and also is needed for recovery post prolonged exercise. 

For even more information and extra tips for improving your healthy eating habits in 2017 click here.

Firth and the whole British Para-Swimming team are supported by Performance Nutritionist Stef Shreeve.