Kistler Block

Para-Swimming leads the way with Kistler

British Para-Swimming are the only sport in the World to have the full Kistler Performance analysis system at their disposal. The system is designed to aid swimmers maximise the performance of their starts, turns and relay takeovers.

The Kistler Performance Analysis System for Swimming delivers kinetic and kinematic information about starts, turns and relay changeovers. Drawing on over 50 years' experience of measuring infinitesimal differences in movements, Kistler has developed products that fully meet the requirements of modern performance analysis in sport.

"It's a really great piece of kit as it enables to deliver good evidence based coaching. The system catches an athletes metrics and then from that we can make informed decisions going forward."

- Catherine Gilby - Head of Sport Science and Medicine (Para-Swimming)

The instrumented starting block measures the forces that act as the swimmer starts off; then, cameras focus on his or her individual movements in the underwater phases. Finally, analytical software displays the video with biomechanical analysis − in a clear format that's easy to understand.

As the competition gets tougher and the field gets closer, it's really essential to have those good starts and turns when trying to pick up medals at major championships and Kistler enables us to do that!

- Andrew Mullen - 2x European Champion