Training and Sports Science

Para-Swimmers use performance-scientists in order to be the best competitors they can be.  This means (in addition to working with an excellent technical coach) they aim to maximise their possible number of training days, enhance the quality of training and competition and develop their emotional skills to increase the chance of them being able to produce their best performance when it counts the most. 

Swimmers enhance their week’s work with their coach by accessing a range of service in sports-medicine (provided by a doctor, physiotherapist and soft-tissue therapist), strength and conditioning (including acrobatic preparation), psychology, nutrition, biomechanics and performance lifestyle.

Injury Prevention

There are no absolute methods of preventing injuries, the Para-Swimming World Class team have put together this guidance to help athletes protect themselves as best as possible.



Diet affects performance, and the foods that are chosen in training and competition will affect how well an athlete trains and competes.  In terms of training, a good diet will help support consistent intensive training without the athlete succumbing to illness or injury.


Strength and Conditioning

The purpose of this page is to outline the key considerations when planning a strength and conditioning training programme for an athlete.  Matching the programme to the athlete and integrating it effectively with swim training requires a good understanding of the sport, the types and volumes of training, the athlete and a strong communication pathway between the three parties.


Across British Swimming, and within each discipline specifically, groups comprising sports science and sports medicine experts have looked in detail at the subject of weight management, and have subsequently developed a British Swimming position statement on this topic. This is a performance area that is individualised to the athlete, with valuable input from the athlete themselves being central to the process.  

Separately to the British Swimming-specific policy, the Swim England position statement on weighing athletes, released in December 2021, is fully supported by British Swimming. British Swimming collaborated with Swim England, our other Home Nation partners and key specialists on this specific piece of work.