Tom Daley's 4 Week Challenge

New Year, new you? Or so everyone says.

Whether your New Year fitness routine crashed and burned after just a week, or if you’re still going strong, we’re here to offer you a little motivation, courtesy of a certain Mr Daley.

We’ve worked with Tom to devise an out the water fitness plan, aimed at getting you fit, healthy and strong. While divers spend a lot of time doing exactly that, diving, they all spend up to 10 hours a week doing land based training to supplement what they do in the pool. So who better to offer their advice and strength and conditioning than our two time World Champion.

Strength is a vital attribute for divers of all levels, as without exceptional muscular control it would be impossible to perform such improvement movements, never mind whilst hurtling head first towards the water. That’s why most days, Tom and his fellow divers will be in the gym performing a variety of strength based exercises. Sometimes this will involve lifting weights, but a lot of the time simple, body-weight exercises can be just as helpful and lot more accessible.

With that in mind, we wanted to provide you with a workout routine that you can do from your own home, giving you no excuses! With Tom’s input we’re offering a four week plan, which should be achievable no matter your level of fitness.

Day one gives you a nice easy introduction to circuit style training, with some easy to perform exercises. Day two gets a little harder, with some higher intensity exercises, which are sure to get your heart rate up and your lungs burning. Day three sees the first of two cardio sessions and by this point you’re at the half way stage.

Day four looks very much like day one, whilst day five gives you a short, sharp blast. At this point you’re into the home straight, with just a cardio day and a well-earned rest day between you and successful completion of week one of Tom’s plan.

Keep your eyes peeled for weeks two, three and four of Tom’s 4 Week Challenge.

Good luck!

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Week Four...

Tom Daley Challenge - Week 4

Week Three...

Tom Daley Challenge - Week 3

Week Two...

Tom Daley Challenge - Week 2

Week One...

Tom Daley Challenge - Week 1