Pride in Water


Pride in Water is a network across British Swimming, aiming to enhance the support, visibility and engagement of the LGBT+ community within the aquatic disciplines.

The group aims to offer a support network for the LGBT+ community and allies across the sports from club to elite level, alongside communicating and celebrating the work of all British Swimming stakeholders on inclusivity.

Athletes, support staff, coaches, officials and volunteers at all levels and across all disciplines have access to the network. 

Pride in Water is committed to including everyone and encourages allies - those who may not identify as being part of the LGBT+ community but are advocates for LGBT+ inclusion - to also join. 

The primary aim of Pride in Water is to create a safe space for LGBT+ members and allies alike to connect with other similar people across the sports and further support members to be themselves.  

For anyone wishing to gain more information, join the group or support in any way possible, please email Josh Rudd at in the first instance, or on Twitter @prideinwater

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