Browse a selection of images from the British Swimming: The Awards 2021-22, Supercharged by Speedo.

Tom Dean receives Champion Athlete Award BSTA 2022
Poppy Maskill Emerging Para-Swimmer BSTA 2022
Tom Daley Outstanding Athlete Award collected by Jane Figueiredo
David McNulty Outstanding Swimming Coach
Katie Shanahan Emerging Athlete Swimming
Robin Armayan Outstanding Para Swimming Coach Award
Paola Basso Outstanding Artistic Swimming Coach BSTA 2022
Maisie Summers-Newton Outstanding Para Swimmer
Adam Smallwood Outstanding Diving Coach collected by Jack Laugher
Tom Dean Maurice Watkins Award
Kate Shortman & Isabelle Thorpe on stage BSTA 2022 copy.JPG
Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix with Anthony Harding Emerging Diver #2.jpg
Dawn Peart Chris Spice Adam Clarke BSTA.JPG
Dave Evitts Rob Aubry Jacquie Marshall Aled Davies BSTA 2022.JPG
Awards Venue
BSTA 2022 #15.JPG
BSTA 2022 #14.JPG
BSTA 2022 #1.JPG
Divers #1 picture board BSTA 2022.JPG
BSTA 2022 #8.JPG
BSTA 2022 #6.JPG
BSTA 2022 #9.JPG
BSTA 2022 #11.JPG
Artistic swimmers on the dancefloor BSTA 2022.jpg
BSTA 2022 #16.JPG
Crowd cheers David McNulty award BSTA 2022.JPG
BSTA 2022 #21
BSTA 2022 #13.JPG
Speedo team BSTA 2022.JPG
BSTA 2022 #4.JPG
BSTA 2022 #12.JPG
BSTA 2022 #2.JPG
BSTA 2022 #2
Tom Dean and David McNulty celebrate.jpg
BSTA 2022 #22
Adele Stach-Kevitz and Elaine Shaw on stage Maurice Watkins Champion Athlete BSTA 2022
BSTA 2022 Trophies

Check out video interviews with the Award winners over on the British Swimming YouTube channel

With thanks to:

Event photographer Ed Jones (@edwiredjones), who captured all of the above images on the night