Glasgow 2018: Diving

3 Jul 2018

With less than one month to go until Glasgow 2018 European Championships, here's all you need to know about to keep up with the British Divers.


Royal Commonwealth Pool, 21 Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5BB


Robyn Birch  - 10m individual; Team event

Alicia Blagg - 3m individual 

Eden Cheng - 10m synchro

Matthew Dixon - 10m individual; 10m synchro

Daniel Goodfellow - 3m individual

Ross Haslam - 3m mixed synchro

James Heatly - 1m individual; Team event

Jack Laugher - 3m individual; 3m synchro and 1m individual

Matty Lee - 10m individual; 10m mixed synchro

Chris Mears - 3m synchro

Scarlett Mew Jensen - 1m individual 

Grace Reid - 3m individual; 3m synchro; 3m mixed synchro

Katherine Torrance - 3m synchro; 1m individual 

Lois Toulson - 10m individual; 10m synchro: 10m mixed synchro 

Noah Williams - 10m synchro 


6th August - tickets

 Team Event 3m/10m Final and medal ceremony

7th August 

Morning session- tickets

Men's 1m Springboard Preliminary

Afternoon  session - tickets

Women's 10m Synchro Final; Men's 1m Springboard Final

8th August 

Morning session - tickets

Women's 10m Preliminary

Afternoon session - tickets

Mixed 3m Synchro Final; Womens 10m Platform Final

9th August

Morning session - tickets

Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary

Afternoon session - tickets

Men's 10m Synchro Final ; Men's 3m Springboard Final

10th August

Morning session - tickets

Women's 1m Springboard Preliminary

Afternoon session - tickets

Men's 3m Synchro Final; Women's 1m Springboard Final

11th August

Morning sessions - tickets

Women's 3m Springboard Preliminary

Afternoon sessions - tickets

Mixed 10m Synchro Final; Women's 3m Springboard Final

12th August

Morning session - tickets

Men's 10m Platform Preliminary

Afternoon session - tickets

Women's 3m Synchro Final

Men's 10m Platform Final

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