Our athletes, coaches and support staff have been serving up some delicious recipes every #FuelMyFriday throughout 2020 - but which is your favourite?

Nutrition is a vital aspect of preparation in elite aquatics sport, and it's always good to get an insight into what Britain's top swimmers, divers, para-swimmers, artistic swimmers, polo players and elite staff cook up to give them those vital boosts. 

After looking through our most viewed Fuel My Friday entries, here are the four options to vote for...

Birch's Breakfast Oats

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For Sugar Awareness Week in January, 2018 European Championships medallist Robyn Birch was on hand with a healthy recipe for overnight breakfast oats, as an alternative to sugary cereals.

"A healthy and nutritious breakfast is hugely important in aquatics sports, with plenty of early starts and morning training sessions. My favourite option is overnight oats, which can be prepared really quickly the night before and are then there to be enjoyed the following morning, or at any point throughout the day as a sweet but nutritious treat. "

FMF Awards 2020 Birch and Pardoe

Hector's Moroccan Style Wraps

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Marathon swimmer Hector Pardoe - who is gearing up in training for May's rescheduled Olympic qualifier in Fukuoka, Japan - provided #FuelMyFriday fans with a vegetarian option when he served up these Moroccan-style falafel wraps earlier this year. 

"Falafel is such a versatile ingredient, packed with protein, a good source of fibre and meat-free so works well in a number of vegetarian meal combinations. One of the ways I enjoy it most often is in these wraps because they're super easy to make, taste really fresh and are healthy too!"

Shortman's Spicy Salmon

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What's on the menu for artistic swimmer Kate Shortman as she looks to secure her place at a maiden Olympic Games? The City of Bristol Synchronised Swimming Club star enjoys this spicy salmon dish - one that can provide a plateful for some teammates too!

"I love spicy salmon with avocado. It's a quick one to make, doesn't take much preparation and is full of flavour - and I tend to serve it with either rice or noodles. This recipe provides a few servings too!"

FMF Awards 2020 Shortman and Thomas

Alys Thomas' Oat and Fruit Pancakes

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Another oaty recipe, Alys Thomas' oat and fruit pancakes are a versatile option that can work for an early morning or as a post-training refuelling treat. This one comes from a top-level nutrition expert, too...

"This is a meal I've picked up from our Sport Wales nutritionist. They're great for breakfast or as a snack option at any time around training or competition meets - and so simple too. Enjoy!"

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